SDSU 2025 Questions

Alright, so I was accepted to San Diego State University for fall 2021, but I have a few questions.

Let’s say I complete the “Intent to Enroll” and I submit my transcripts from my high school (located in Pennsylvania)…

My GPA in my high school transcripts is different than my GPA given/calculated on the CSU Application, and SDSU states that the GPA has to be maintained and cannot drop, or else my application could be withdrawn. I know I asked this question before on here, but will my admission be canceled if they see this difference in GPA? (my CSU GPA was 3.91, and my school one is 3.836 unweighted)

Secondly: apparently Honors courses in other high schools outside of California do not count as honors courses on the application. I took English II Honors and Spanish IV Honors and put them down as honor classes on my application when stating what type of class it was. So like, am I screwed?

I also put that my school uses a semester and yearly grading system because my school has classes that are only 1 semester and do not continue into the second semester. Like Spanish 1 was in the first semester but does not continue onto the second semester, and Spanish 2 was in the second semester. But we also have classes that are full year, like Psychology AP or English Lit/Comp AP. I mean, I should be fine right? Yeah, I think.

I mean that’s all I’ve got really. Not going to lie, this whole application for colleges in California is kind of confusing. I don’t get why they do not just ask for the GPA that your school gives you, but instead, calculate their own GPA. And why the heck do honors courses outside of California not really count as honors courses.

The CSU GPA usually has to drop significantly(below a 3.0) before your application may be reviewed and considered withdrawn.

The Cal states are aware that OOS honors classes not considered “Honors” classes for the GPA calculation and this mistake happens all the time. I would not worry about it.

Regarding Semester vs. Yearly. Do you get 2 grades for the year classes (2 semester) or just 1? If you get 2 grades for the year classes, you should have put down a semester system if that is predominant grade system. Once you send in your transcripts, they will figure it out. You really have nothing to worry about as long as you pass all your Senior classes with a C or higher.

Since different HS’s have different grading system, the Cal states have their own GPA calculation. The advantage is for in-state California students that is why OOS honors classes are not CSU/UC approved for the extra weighting.

Congratulations and Go Aztecs!!!

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Hello:) I have a question regarding “intent to
Enroll” once you have been accepted. If I am
Still still waiting to hear back from another school, is it ok to wait on this for a month or two to fill out, or is this something that you should respond to immediately? Also, will it effect my housing if I wait a month or two?
Thanks for your help!

@Proudmama10: The deadline to enroll is May 1. Housing applications are not looked at until after that date so there is no rush to enroll unless SDSU is the top choice.

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Alrighty. Thank you so much. I want to make sure that I am doing the right things because SDSU is one of my top choices along with UCLA and University of Washington (if I get accepted).

Again, thank you so much!!!

Once a student is admitted, what is the latest date they should send in their housing deposit for freshman housing in order to get the best choices? Thanks

At least based on my experience, they do not start looking at housing until after the May 1 SIR date. Some CSU’s are first come but SDSU requires all students not local to stay on campus for 2 years (Covid may affect this) so if SDSU is a top choice, I would enroll and get all deposits in sooner than later. I never recommend waiting until the last moment for anything.

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Does anyone know when SDSU is announcing more decisions?

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I wish. getting super nervous over here.