sdsu and where else

<p>3.2 gpa
1950 sat
3's on world and comp tests
6 aps
2 years football
1 year track
good essays</p>

<p>been posted before but no response</p>

<p>where else besides sdsu should i apply?</p>

<p>and whats my chance at sdsu?</p>

<p>bump please</p>

<p>'where else besides sdsu should i apply?'
Where else do you want to go?</p>

<p>ucs and i have a chance</p>


<p>UCB/UCLA: Reach
UCSD: Slight Reach
UCSC/UCR/UCM: Safe Match</p>

<p>SDSU is getting harder and harder each year to get into. If your eligiblity index (multiply gpa by 800 and add math and reading sat scores) is above 3900, you have somewhat of a good chance by what I have read. You have a good chance at other csu schools like long beach or fullerton</p>

<p>my eligiblity index is 4046 and im not sure if i'm going to get in, everyone tells me it's very hard to get into because so many people want to go there. good luck to you though, hope you get in</p>