SDSU Appeal 2020

Has anyone else sent an appeal in to SDSU admissions office for 2020? How do we know if they received our appeal?

just received an email my appeal has been forwarded to the admissions appeal committee for review. anyone else get this or know how long the process takes?

hey soccersoccer12!

when did you send in your appeal?

When did you get your confirmation?

Look forward to hearing from you!


I sent in my appeal on April 2 and I have yet to get any confirmation. I assume they are taking longer with all they are dealing with right now.

Hi everyone!

I sent my appeal on 3/27. I sent an email asking if they will send me a notification of when they will receive my appeal letter and asked how long will it take for them to send my decision. They responded saying they received it and will send to the admissions appeal committee in which they will let me know in 8-12 weeks but due to the virus it may take longer. The Admissions Appeal committee emailed me about my package on Friday 4/10.

Hopefully I get in!

On the SDSU appeal website they said how they want documentation to support the letter. I wrote about my rare heart condition and sent in documentation from kaiser. One of my friends told me that last year, a lot of people got into SDSU through an appeal so I am praying.

To be honest, I have a bit more hope for our class because due to the virus some people won’t be going to college the fall semester this year (because their families are scared). Maybe that will open up more spots?

Also, lets say you get accepted with an appeal but want to change your major, is that possible? I want to change from biochemistry to microbiology.

Thank you & good luck to everyone!

I emailed my appeal to SDSU on March 30th and received an email that my appeal has been sent to the admissions committee April 10th. Hope this helps! Good luck to everyone.

My S sent his appeal March 31 and was informed today (April 17) that his appeal has been forwarded to the admissions committee.

I was accepted this morning at 12:56 a.m!!! My major is pre foods and nutrition. Good luck everyone :))

@soccersoccer12: Congratulations!!! Just for informational purposes for other students that want to appeal their decision, what was the basis for your appeal if you do not mind disclosing it?

@Gumbymom thank you!! in my appeal to sdsu I talked about how I went through my freshman and sophomore year with an undiagnosed learning disability (ADHD) that strongly affected my grades for those years. I then went on to talk about the big increase in my gpa after my official diagnosis. Junior and Senior years grades a lot higher! Good luck to everyone

@soccersoccer12: Best of luck as an Aztec. SDSU is a great school.

Hey guys!!! I just got an email at 1:00 AM that my appeal got accepted!!!

major: mechanical engineering
GPA: 3.30
NOT local

Congratz @mruiz26 ! I appealed back in March also. Would you mind telling me the timeline of your appeal process? For example any emails they mightve sent you during the process. Last week I was told to submit an official transcript(which is odd since I had submitted it with my original app) but have not heard anything back yet.

I’ve read that if they ask for transcripts that it’s usually a good sign.

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Thanks @mellamoed ! And for anyone else that may be curious, I tried mailing in my physical appeal forms in mid-March as instructed in the appeals page but this was RIGHT before the lockdown due to covid19. After exchanging some emails with admissions, I was told to email them, which I did on March 30th. On April 6th, I was informed that my appeal was forwarded for review. And just yesterday (April 21st), I heard back with a decision. I also ended up submitting an official E-transcript to them right when I mailed my physical forms as a “supplemental document”. Best of luck to everyone else!

I was happy to see some of you getting in on appeals! I hope my DS will turn his down today, and lead to some more appeals accepted! I have been on his case. SDSU is a great school! Ellen Ochoa was a graduate, Former head of NASA’s Johnson Space Center.

Does anyone know how often appeals are granted for SDSU? Is it a little easier compared to other schools?

@mruiz26 - I tagged you because a previous post seemed like you had knowledge with being asked for paperwork by the admissions team.

For anyone that knows the answers to this question feel free to respond. Sorry for the long backstory, I just want to provide as much clarification as I can so I can get the best response.

Backstory: Before this virus came into full effect I mailed my appeals packet minus the official transcripts because my schools registrar was closed. Then SDSU allowed you to email unofficial transcripts which I did and I put my appeals request and letter just to make sure nothing got lost. About a couple days later they created a portal to submit all the documentation, so of course I resubmitted everything. I just got an email around 5 days ago asking me to submit my official transcripts so the appeals committee can look at my package. I sent it to

so I guess my question is, did you all send your transcripts to this email if you were asked? and how long did it take for them to recognize that they got the transcript and will send the package over for review?


@EMRoss18 it seems that I was on the same boat as you in terms of sending in physical documents before the virus. I guess I did something a bit different in which I actually submitted my official transcript to SDSU in mid-March as soon as I mailed the physical copies to act as a “supporting document”. I understand this wasn’t necessary but I wanted to do so just to be safe.

And to answer your second question, I emailed them my appeal form on March 30th and was informed on April 6th that it was forwarded to the committee for review. Hope this helps!

I had the same issue as you. Last week they told me to send my official transcripts but for my school we use the website “parchment” which sends the transcripts straight to the University. Hopefully we get to hear back soon!!