SDSU College admissions

Hi, I was wondering how good my chances of getting in to San Diego State are?
GPA: 3.7 (Predicted by the end of junior year)
SAT: 1530
Im also not sure if they use SAT anymore? I had a really poor freshman year gpa(3.0) and am currently in Junior year. I am planning on applying as a business major with a focus in finance.

Also just to clarify this would be my capped weighted GPA(I think I’m not totally sure how that works)

Use this calculator at end of Junior year to determine your UC and CSU capped weighted GPA:

Cal states are test blind this admission cycle, but it could still change for the next few years.

If they use the eligibility index when you apply, your SAT will make up for the lower GPA. As of 2019, the average CSU capped weighted GPA was 3.97 so if they end up using only GPA, it would be a possible target school but not a solid Match. You have this year left so work hard and do your best.

With the SAT being a wildcard, SDSU is probably a going to be a coin toss for you with those stats.

I’d take a good look at CSULB, Fullerton, Northridge as well as SJSU. Chico, SF an Sac in the North.

Lots of places with solid biz programs.

Good luck.

Ok so using the rogerhub calculator my unweighted is 3.86, my weighted capped gpa is 4.14, and my weighted is 4.28, This is not considering 9th grade, which the calculator said not to include

I’m really considering SJSU, I live close to it, and its right near a bunch of tech companies, which would be really good for interning and job opportunities.

So your capped weighted GPA at end of Junior year, if you get the grades you predict would be 4.14? Then you would be within range for SDSU as a Match school.

The only school (UC or CSU) that uses 9-11th grades would be Cal Poly SLO. You can use the same calculator but include 9th grades in the calculation. They cap the Honors points at 8 semesters for Honors approved classes taken 10-11th grades only. Target GPA for SLO Business would be a 4.0 or higher. For the rest of the Cal states, you can be competitive including some of the UC’s.

Come back at end of Junior year and update your profile. Definitely start with finding a couple of safety schools including your local Cal state then work on the rest of your list.

Best of luck. :smiley:

Thank you, I’ll definitely do this!