SDSU fall 2025 chance

CSU GPA- 3.79
i put my major as psychology BA

HS course rigor?
Local or non-local applicant?

Psychology is one of SDSU’s most popular majors with over 4100 applicants last year.

You GPA is within range but not a solid Match school.

im in state not local… i took 2 APs junior year and im taking one AP this year and one honor course Sophomore year. But since they are not doing SAT, will they be looking at extracurriculars? I’ve had a job since sophomore year and been on a sports team since freshman year. Plus loads of community service.

Also, do you think this year will be easier to get accepted because of Covid-19? less applicants from different states and/or more people skipping a year or doing a JC because they do not want to pay for online college?

also, do you know the average GPA for the admitted psychology majors? i believe i saw 3.6 but i do not believe that is right…

SDSU showed an average Capped weighted CSU GPA of 3.96 for 2019. 2020 data is not posted by for the last 6 years their average admitted GPA has risen, so it should close to last year’s numbers. SDSU does not break out their GPA by major only overall.

Since SAT/ACT scores are not a consideration they will be looking at the following:

  1. They will look the number of a-g courses taken and how many beyond the minimum 15

  2. HS course rigor to see if you have challenged yourself. This depends upon your HS so taking 3 AP’s and 1 Honors class maybe competitive if your HS only offers a few of these classes. If your HS offers many AP/Honors classes, then taking only a few could impact your chances.

  3. They will look at preparation towards your indicted area of study. All college-prep coursework is considered but they will also consider your performance and the number of units taken in courses most relevant to your predicted success in your major.

  4. Special consideration is given to students who have overcome life obstacles, participated in college prep programs and attend HS’s within the SDSU local admission area.

It is hard to predict how Covid will affect the number of applicants, but some students did take gap years which increase the competition for Fall. For many schools, applications are up not down so only time will tell.

Make sure you apply widely since Psychology is a very popular major at all the UC’s and Cal states.

thank you for the help! one last question… Do you know how popular the real estate major is at SDSU and if that would give me a better chance of getting in?

Real Estate is less popular with only 429 applicants and 116 admitted in 2020 giving it a 28% acceptance rate vs. Psychology which had 4196 applicants with 1584 admits and a 38% acceptance rate. Yes more competition for Psychology but SDSU does not break out the GPA for each major so it’s difficult to determine if Real Estate is an easier admit.

Anybody know how competitive of Education major?

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