SDSU Nursing Program

Is there anyone currently in the SDSU Nursing Program that can tell us more about it? Such as classes, housing, etc. My daughter has been admitted for Fall 2019. She is also admitted to UC Berkeley and UCSB and is having a hard time deciding where to go. Thank You.

My D is a freshman in the SDSU Nursing program.

Was your daughter admitted to SDSU for Nursing? UCB and UCSB don’t have nursing programs. If your daughter knows she wants to be a nurse that information may help her decide.

I’ll look for some info I wrote earlier regarding classes and housing for nursing students. What specific questions do you have?

My daughter is a sophomore in the SDSU nursing program. Housing: students must live on campus for the first two years. The second year, the housing can be more like an apt setting, no meal plan required, but it is still on campus. They jump right in to the program! This year they started clinicals. Her rotation is mental health at the VA hospital. She loves the program. The nursing students are supportive of each other, and a cohesive group. They are on two different “maps” as far as class schedules, so they are able to swap books sometimes. If you want to be a nurse, a direct admit at SDSU is an awesome opportunity!

Thank you, do you know how the students know which “map” they are going to be on?

Also, their freshman year do the Nursing students dorm with other students in that program?

Also, their freshman year do the Nursing students dorm with other students in that program?

@CSUdream, is it easy to get your classes? How do they decide which “map” you are on? Are the dorms nice? Do they stay with other Nursing students? Sorry for so many questions. Thank you once again.

When my daughter was a freshman, she had the choice to live w/ nursing students, which she chose to do. Not sure if it is still a choice, you’ll have to check. It was a great idea, because her entire floor was nursing students. They had an RA on the floor, and a senior nursing student as well, as an academic adviser. As far as which map they are on, they are just placed on one, doesn’t matter what one you’re on, they all end up taking the same nursing classes. It is not hard at all to get your nursing classes, nurses get 1st priority. As far as dorms being nice, they’re fine. We just toured all the dorms on Open House day a few weeks ago (because my younger daughter got in to SDSU for the fall), and they all seem fine! Good luck to you, it is an outstanding program. :slight_smile:

Here’s what I had posted from my D previously along with new information:

The Nursing learning community is still offered. This year nursing students were housed at cuic suites. My D opted instead to live at Zura and be part of WHC. Zura is a very nice dorm but if my D had to do it again she said she’d probably live at CUIC and be part of the nursing environment.

As far as the prerequisite curriculum at State - the nursing students are all enrolled in larger classes with other non-nursing students. So microbio and anatomy for instance all nursing students are intermixed with other students. The benefit is that the spots in those classes are guaranteed for nursing students. So no issue at all for nursing students registering for a prerequisite class even for freshmen. Chem so far has been the only nursing-specific class. All nursing students attend in a larger hall but then the labs are broken into groups of about 25.

Anatomy as advertised has been tough but the exams are made up of both multiple choice and free response questions (worth the most). She thinks grading has been fair and they also have extra credit problems available. Getting good grades is very doable but she studies a lot more than other non-nursing students.

She said next year the nursing students would be broken into 2 (she thinks) tracks. So probably a lot more nursing-specific smaller classes on the horizon.

My D was thrilled to learn that most of her AP and DE courses including Psych, Poli Sci, English, Biology and Math applied to her SDSU requirements to free up some time to take honors and elective courses. She’s had a great time playing club sport and traveling all over on most weekends including at UCLA, San Marcos, Riverside, Las Vegas, Anaheim, and Denver. And she’s looking forward to study abroad and other opportunities. She has been very impressed by SDSU.

@CSUdream Thank You for the providing us so much information. It really does seem like a great program.

@Banker1 Thank You for all your help!! It really did provide so much more information about the program.

Does anyone know how the waitlist works for SDSU nursing? Are the students ranked on the list?

@sirmixalot: Not much information about the Nursing waitlist since I have not heard of anyone ever getting admitted off the waitlist on CC but that does not mean it cannot happen. Since Nursing applicants are ranked for regular admissions, you can assume that waitlist students are also ranked. Best of luck but get excited about your other options since you will not hear until Mid May or later.

Yes they are ranked - 5 got off in 2018, my daughter was one - found out June 2nd - she is in the program now.

Yes they r ranked

Your track is decided by your last name and you take the same classes just at different semesters. Dorms are nice. All of your classes are set for you and r guaranteed for you.

My D got off waitlist for Fall 2018. She was one of 5 who got off waitlist. We were told they are ranked on waitlist. Was also told acceptance rate for nursing was 3.2% in 2018.

Hello! Do you know what dorm building nursing students will be in next year?

For students starting 2019 the nursing residential learning community was at Zura (changed from Cuicacalli the year before). My D says it will remain at Zura for Fall 2020 freshmen nursing students.

I know you’re super knowledgeable about the SDSU nursing application process, so I was hoping to ask you a question?

My daughter is an incoming senior and will be applying to 5 Southern California BSN Programs - SDSU is at the top of her list!

She has a weighted 4.5 GPA (no SAT yet as they keep getting cancelled; but it looks like they won’t be looked at anyway…)

My question is: My daughter took Spanish 101 at the community college which is equivalent to 2 years of high school Spanish. -Does she need to take Spanish 102 at the community college too? -to give her a “3rd year”? -to look more competitive? She’d rather not, but will if it helps her chances, she will! She will be taking AP Stats & AP Psychology this year as well.

I appreciate your thoughts!! :slight_smile: