SDSU Roommate Request Question

@Gumbymom Hello. I was wondering if you can request two roommates in the Housing portal if you requested a triple. Do they only let you request one roommate or can you request two? Thanks!

I would contact Housing to confirm but I remember only allowing 1 roommate request. You do need to have the SDSU Red ID of your potential roommate available.

Sorry I am not much help.

Thank you for your response! I figured that was the case but I just thought I would ask. Another question: Say I had two people I wanted to room with and I wanted a triple, but as you said I can only request one. In your opinion, would it be possible for Person A to request Person C, Person B to request A, and Person C to request Person B? Would this possibly maximize the chances of the third person getting grouped together instead of randomly assigned or does it probably not work this way. Just curious what you think, as I know you have no real way of knowing. Thanks.

Yes, I was going to make the same suggestion about requesting 3 roommates. I would still contact the housing office to see if there is another way to request roommates for a triple.

Thank you! I was accepted to SDSU in December and I think that I really see myself there. I know you have a son who went there and you’ve been nothing but helpful. I really appreciate it.

Oh and one more question if it isn’t too much trouble!! If the person I wanted to room with was in the honors college, could I room in the honors dorm with them or would they have to not live in the honors dorm and room with me in a regular one? Is it even possible to be in the honors college and not be in the honors dorm or is it required. Thanks.

You cannot dorm with others in the Honors college dorm unless you are also in the Honors college. Honors college students are required to live on campus so they can live in other dorms which are not the Honors college dorm.

I figured that was how it worked but I just figured I would ask. Thank you so much