SE Asians vs. EAST Asians, Difference?

<p>When applying to the top notch schools, does it make a difference if you're from Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos) than say East Asia (China, Korea, and Japan). Statistically speaking, SE Asians have been in America for a shorter time than the EAST Asians. We didn't start coming until post-1975. Further, SE Asians are also economically less well-off than EAST Asians. Does any of this make any difference whatsoever when applying for college, especially topnotch ones? I'm curious since I'm SE Asian myself.</p>

<p>You forgot South Asians (Indians). The generic word 'Asian' encompasses too many ethnicities, but I prefer it rather than breaking down each Asian sphere into it's own ethnicity.</p>

<p>Aren't South Asians grouped with East Asians in a sense? I'm not too sure about this. What is the Indian population in America and their historical background in terms of arrival in America? I'm sure it's gotta be up there since according to 2000 Census, these are the demographic breakdown of the top 6 Asian demographics: </p>

<p>30.6% Japanese
21.8% Filippino
15.4 % Chinese
12.3 % Korean
11.6% Asian Indian
8.3% Vietnamese</p>