Sealing concrete patio

<p>Ok, all you experienced home improvement wizards and home builders, I need your advice.</p>

<p>We just finished putting in a covered patio with a concrete floor. We would like to seal the concrete, and they are asking $675 to seal it, which is 440 square feet of floor space.
The contractor (who did our patio) gets 15% off the top, so the sub doing the work is actually getting
around $575. This still seems pretty high to me. Has anyone had experience with this? I do want it to be done right, and I won't be doing it myself. </p>

<p>Looking online I came up with estimates of .25 a square foot for driveways, and even lower.
I'm in Southern California. Any comments are welcome.</p>

<p>I did it myself, and re-do it every 2 years. If you don’t want to do it - hire a teenager - it’s mindless. Hose off deck well. (in future years, powerwash). Buy this stuff ($50) from concrete yard called Diamond something (tell them what it’s for - they’ll sell you the right product). Pour a puddle of it on concrete. Use a paint roller for rough surfaces and a broom handle. Roll it on. Pour new puddles and roll as you move across. Should take about an hour. They are ripping you off!!</p>

<p>Yes, I thought so, thanks. They lowered their price when I questioned it. I don’t begrudge them a profit or payment for their time. I just want it to be fair.</p>