SEAP 2023 Discussion

Applied for SEAP this year, got a few questions. Does Saxman One send out the emails??? Which labs did you all apply to??

Anyone hear about SEAP internships for 2023 yet?

I applied to NMRC in Silver Spring but I haven’t heard anything back yet.

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Still waiting here as well – applied to NRL, Carderick and Annapolis

Anyone has an update on Navy SEAP summer 2023 application result? Last year, they released the outcome (by email) on January 7th, 2022.

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There website just indicated that they are in the awards phase. Had said “in process” up until today. Hopefully, we will get some news soon, though it could take a month or two depending on labs. Good luck, Everyone!

Woops, “Their,” not “There”!

Anyone heard anything yet?

Still waiting, My son applied to NRL. Did anyone hear from them?

My daughter too. Haven’t heard anything yet either.

Knock Knock…Did anyone get any updates?

Nothing here. Also waiting on NRL. I hope people will post if they hear anything!

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Almost a week into March… has anyone received any updates?