Search for a suitable a university.

Can someone suggest me one university in us (if you can then more than one)that is easy to get in and give big amount of financial aid (like asking for $4000 to $7000) to international student and has engineering? ( the university can be of any rank)

Need your GPA/SAT or ACT scores and EC’s. Look for universities with rolling admissions.
I would suggest NAU (Northern Arizona University) and Arizona State (ASU) but not sure about financial aid for International students.

I would also post in the International Thread.

$4000 to $7000 is not “big” financial aid and won’t make a large dent in the cost of attendance of most schools. Do you have a sense of how much US schools cost and how much your family can contribute? that’s not what they are giving me. that is what i will be able to pay! :)]

Arizona, Alabama, Mississippi State.

Generally, colleges that are easy to get in do not give very generous financial aid, especially to international students. If they started doing that, sooner or later the number of applications probably would shoot up. Then they’d become more selective.

The University of Alabama does give very generous aid, including to international students. However, these are merit-based scholarships. The minimum qualifications are rather high ( Even the biggest awards probably wouldn’t be enough to bring your costs below $10K.

According to Mississippi State’s 2013-14 CDS, section H6, it does not grant financial aid to international students.

The University of Arizona does grant aid to some internationals, but the average dollar amount is only ~$12K. Total cost is ~$40K. On average, Arizona only meets about 53% of demonstrated need. Some merit scholarships are available; not all of them are available to internationals; the ones that are available may or may not fit your qualifications and needs (

like asking for $4000 to $7000

Be careful with what you’re writing. You wrote that you’re ASKING for $4k-7k. You should have wrote that you can PAY $4k-7k.

Very likely, you’re not going to find affordable schools here. $4k-7k would just pay for your travel, insurance, personal expenses and int’l travel. That means that you would need a “free ride” here and that’s not likely.

you would need to come up with about $20k to cover room, board, fees, travel, insurance, and personal expenses, even if you got a free tuition award.

What are your stats?

You have to realize that most American students can’t get much in awards, much less an int’l.

You will not be given a visa to come here unless you can show that you have the full COA covered. You can’t work here and “earn” the money.