Searching for a new water bottle

Not the most exciting topic, but it’s all I got! I take a water bottle to work each day, and need a new one. Would prefer a 32 oz., glass or stainless steel. As I sit in an opened area of a medical clinic, I want the mouth piece to be able to close, so it is not exposed while not in use. The problem with most 32oz. bottles is they are wide, and I have small hands. I find it hard to grab and take a drink quickly with a big bottle, but would prefer something larger than a 20oz. Is there such thing as a bottle larger than 20oz that is slim?

I currently have a CamelBak Chute Mag in both a 32 and 20 oz. waiting to try. The 20oz will fit in my cup holder, which is nice, but again, would prefer a 32oz bottle. I am suppose to be drinking 64oz a day due to kidney issues; during the pandemic, it has been hard as I can’t keep a drink sitting on my desk during work. Searching for the bottle that is safe and easy for me to drink out of. I am not a lover of water, so getting it in has never been easy for me; give me ice tea and I could drink those 64 oz quickly!! Living a mile from work has also decreased my water consumption, as I use to drink 18oz on the way into work, and more on the way home.

I have a Yeti 30oz Rambler cup, but I don’t want to use that at work as the mouth part is exposed, although this would be the most economical choice!

Have you looked at any of the Hydro Flask bottles?

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What about getting two smaller water bottles that add up to the desired capacity?

Our kids’ favorites.

I was going to suggest a Yeti. The one I have has a lid with a sliding mouth closure. It’s the best of all my commuter type containers as it keeps things either hot or cold for hours.

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Maybe replace your top on your yeti? I like my yeti best but there’s a brand called Rtic that’s nice. It’s thinner than my yeti and has a top that screws on and I can close.

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@deb922 I had looked at the MagDock Cap before, but I don’t like the placement of the spout. As it is centered, and straight up (not tilted) I would definitely need to hold the cup with two hand, and still might spill all over my shirt :grimacing:

@jpga13 I have looked at the Hydro Flask, but like the CamelBak better due to the spout.

@BunsenBurner I had not heard of MiiR, but the narrow mouth bottle in 27oz is a strong contender but is sold out. The 23oz could also be a nice middle ground. I will be researching these more; thank you!

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Big kid also likes S’well. Their bottles are sold at Nordstrom (easy returns!). Like this:

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I forgot about S’Well! I think my daughter may have one in her box of belongings here; I will have to look! Their 25oz would be great for work, and the added sports cap would be nice to have outside of work. @BunsenBurner thanks for the reminder.

I have the maybe 17 OZ Swell bottle, and another “off brand” from REI that’s bigger but very similar.

Try the Ozark at Walmart. Super reviews (I like it better than Yeti) and made for smaller hands (slimmer design).

Check out these bottles… looks like exactly what you are looking for😊 Products – Owala

This is what I have: It has a pop open lid, silicone sleeve for easy grip.

The Ello is similar to my last bottle which took a jump off the counter and broke into many pieces!

I actually used the 32oz CamelBak today, and not only did it fit into my car’s cup holder, it wasn’t as hard to handle as I thought. It was a bit heavy when full; mostly because I have had elbow pain, so gripping was a bit difficult. I think I will give this bottle some time.


How about Simple Modern? Not the cheapest, but they have lots of pretty colors if that is important to you! I have a Swell type bottle that I use for around the house and I like it. It might be an actual Swell bottle. I got it at an event that a family friend was honored at for her volunteer work. It’s orange and it has a logo on it and it certainly isn’t a color I’d choose, but I love the bottle and it was free. It keeps drinks cold for so long! My H has a Hydroflask knockoff that he got at Costco that he likes. My son has a Nalgene and D has one too! Really is personal preference.