Searching for Engineering university with Financial Aid for International Students?

<p>My stats are as follows:
GPA: 3.8 UW
ACT: 33
Math II: 780
Physics: 770
APs: Euro (5), World (4), Stats (5), APSUH (5), Psych (5), Physics B (5), Calc BC (5)
Course rigor: really high
ECs: Debate Club: THIMUN (3x), PANAMUN (2x). Science Club Founder. NHS. Internship at local engineering company. 150 hours of community service.
Leadership: President of Debate Club(12th), VP of Debate Club (11th), Founder and President of Science Club (10th-12th). </p>

<p>Im looking for schools that offer need-aware or merit based financial aid for international students</p>

<p>Head over to the International Students forum. They have threads on this very topic.</p>

<p>There also are a bunch of threads on this topi in the Financial Aid Forum.</p>

<p>How much money do you need?</p>

<p>Your GPA and test scores qualify you for automatic merit aid at the University of Alabama read about that and other scholarships in these threads. Some of them are open to international applicants:
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