Searching for my dream college

<p>Im home schooled, taking dual credit courses, and online courses via UT at Austin. I have absolutely no idea what i want to study, or do with my life career wise anyway.... So I know this is kind of ridiculous to ask for you to help me find some colleges that fit what I'm asking for, when there are so many missing factors still. And its especially ridiculous because I'm only in 9th grade, but bare with me. What I do know is exactly what kind of place I want to go to college. First of all Im taking my education very seriously. Finding a prestigious college that will give me a great education is very important to me. (I dream big). One of the first things I do when I find a college that interests me is see how it ranks amongst the others in its, state, country, and even the world. I do really want to go to college out of the US, but most of all I want a college on the beach. Some were with that great beach town community. Nice weather, not to cold. I love the idea of being in Australia. Some were green.It doesn't need to be a big town. Think the opposite of texas. Like I said, I'm totally aware of how silly I'm being. But right now this is what I see when I close my eyes, and Im trying really hard to find it. If anyone was nice enough to read this whole thing, cool enough to understand, and just so happened to think of somewhere that I would like, Please Please tell me!</p>

<p>Eckerd? Liberal arts college which will let you explore some fields and find out what you want to do, good academic program, wonderful location on the coast in St. Pete.</p>