Sears--Where It Begins Is Acquiring BAD Meanings

<p>Have been struggling to buy a dishwasher from Sears since Saturday night. Bought it on-line & have had nothing but problems ever since. It has taken from then to now to clarify the price and terms. NOW, they say that there is NO dishwasher in stock and my purchase price will be refunded! This is definitely a cautionary tale and strong incentive to buy elsewhere. Have never had so many hassles acquiring anything before! </p>

<p>The company who is scheduled to deliver & install the dishwasher on Monday also has never heard of anything like this before either! After all the time we've worked on the issue, they don't even have the courtesy of calling to explain why the sudden change--really BAD customer service.</p>

<p>I bought a dishwasher from Home Depot about a year ago, and my experience was 100 times worse than what you are describing. Really.</p>

<p>Sears is pretty notorious for poor customer service. A few years ago I went to the local Sears appliance store--a shiny new storefront for electronics and appliances only. I had seen a well-reviewed large plasma TV on sale at a great price on the Sears website, but had some questions. The salesman was gracious and helpful and I decided to order the TV then and there, which he did through the website. A third party delivery service was to come to my house, set up the TV, including hoisting it onto a console, and hook it up to my cable so that I could be sure it worked properly. In fact, the delivery guy dumped the TV on the floor, ripped off the packaging, and asked me to sign a form acknowledging that it was in acceptable condition. Since it seemed in perfectly fine condition as a floor sculpture, but no more than that, I asked that he set it up, and was told that wasn't his job. I refused to sign, he said he'd have to take it back with him if I didn't, and we were at a stand-off.</p>

<p>I called the store, and the salesman said he was getting off in 10 minutes and would come right over. When he got to the house, he realized he couldn't lift the TV by himself (and I was not much for heavy lifting myself), so he called back to the store and arranged for one of the stock boys to come over. Together they set everything up and all was well. So I'd say as an organization, Sears is kind of a mess, but there are some very nice people working there.</p>

<p>It's why I ALWAYS go to the scratch-n-dent outlet. Then you ALWAYS know what you are getting, which specific one, and what you can expect from them. </p>

<p>I have the same experience with really nice people. Just a messed up organization....</p>

<p>We've not had any bad experiences with Sears, but from what I read (here and elsewhere), it is on the decline. Too bad.</p>

<p>Customer service is on the decline everywhere, unfortunately. It's just not a corporate priority anymore, and Sears is hardly alone in this. If this is your worst customer service experience, consider yourself lucky.</p>

<p>I ordered a new washing machine online from Home Depot a few years ago.
Compared models, clicked to purchase, good price , installation included.
It was washing my clothes two days later. Easy.</p>

<p>The people are nice but the system is really making it hard for the employees AND the customers. Not sure if this is LUCKY to have less poor customer service than others. Wish there were more places to get appliances. May call my plumber & see if he can help me acquire a decent dishwasher and install it--will see. The installer seems like a very nice guy and the person I spoke to at their customer service SEEMED nice but don't like that it suddenly is no longer available.</p>

<p>We bought a fridge from Sears about a year ago. They delivered one & we put everything into it but it made a LOT of noise. We asked the delivery guy about that & he checked it out and found out that indeed it was not working properly. He offered me the choice of having someone try to come & fix the motor vs. having a new one redelivered (which he offered reluctantly). We told him we wanted a NEW one, not having them try to repair one that was definitely NOT working properly from the outset.</p>

<p>They obligingly came back a week later & re-delivered a new refrigerator that DOES keep the food cold and is much quieter than the defective one they originally delivered.</p>

<p>Haha... This is nothing compared to the lack of "customer service" you experience with airlines...!=P</p>

<p>I don't know--have had more luck with airlines than my recent appliance shopping. Most of the airlines we've spoken with are quite nice, as is the travel agent that we have worked with sometimes.</p>

<p>Now, SINCE my attempted purchase, they have changed the language on the website about FREE Delivery noting that SPECIAL DELIVERY CHARGES APPLY TO HI & ALASKA; language that was DEFINITELY NOT there previously. The website still shows that the dishwasher I was buying is available for pick up and installation as early as the 18th! Interesting that they claim it is NOT available.</p>

<p>Sometimes you just gotta push. </p>

<p>I recently bought a stationary bike from Sears. It was a closeout, a floor model, and thus was assembled when I bought it. After I got it home, I discovered it wasn't working properly, so I called Sears for warranty service. The phone rep told me that if it was a problem with improper assembly, I'd be charged for the service call. I argued that I'd bought an assembled unit, so assembly should be covered. Got nowhere until I insisted on talking to a supervisor, who agreed that assembly was covered on an assembled unit. </p>

<p>Turned out to be a defective part, so it wouldn't have mattered; but it still felt good to have put the behemoth in its place.</p>

<p>HImom, we are currently going through a dispute with them. Bottom line, after much hassle we were refunded with a store gift card rather than having the money credited to our credit card! DH is still trying to sort out the problem and it has been over one month.</p>

<p>To put the dispute is in simplist terms as I understand it (this was DH's transaction, not mine): Bought a defective item. Website said that there were 2 in stock at local store, which was incorrect. After we both traveled to the store this is what were told. They ordered the item through their website for us when we were at the store and did not charge for delivery (don't ask, waiving delivery was so complicated that thinking about it gives me a headache). We found out after a period of waiting that they no longer carry this item. Instead of crediting DH's credit card, they sent out a gift card for the cost of the original item!</p>

<p>Similar experience with Best Buy. I tried to buy something for H for xmas just before Thanksgiving. I ordered it for pick up at my local store. A day later, after my card had been charged, I got an email stating it was not available at that store and I would be given a credit on my card. I went back online and found another Best Buy that indicated it had the item in stock. Two days later I got another email, it was not in stock and I had the option to cancel my order. What the heck?? why did I have to go back in and cancel an
order for something they did not have??? Then I had to give them reasons for cancelling the order. Ridiculous. After all that it took about a week to get my card credited.</p>

<p>That gift card instead of refund irritates me to no end. We bought a flat screen tv from Best Buy in August for our second home. The house is located on a barrier island, and of course the store is on the mainland. Not far miles wise, but a pain in summer traffic. They neglected to sell us the part that enabled the internet connectivity (trip two) and when we had trouble setting up, had to set up the cable company to come out. They gave us a different cable for the HD set up. The cable they did sell us was still in unopened packaging and I had set it aside with receipt to return the next trip off the island. Hello, Hurricane Irene!
We had mandatory evacuation and I was prepping for possible devastation to our home (without H who was at our primary home). When I got home (I actually remembered to bring cable and receipt home), the hurricane hit our primary home much more extensively and the downed trees and wires blocked us in the home for a week--just outside the 30 day return window for Best Buy. When I finally could get to the local Best Buy, there was absolutely no wiggle room on the 30 day return policy, despite a state of emergency and a letter from our town that the roads were indeed impassable. I WILL NEVER SHOP THERE AGAIN!! Except for the fact that I do have a gift card from a small return that I am trying to figure out how to maximize. We bought a $1000 tv and they are alienating us for a $18 cable. The guy actually gestured to their "home theater" section and said that while I may think it was a large purchase, in their scheme of things it actually wasn't (and besides I purchased the TV at a different location!!)</p>

<p>We don't shop Sears at all. When DH and I got married (22 years ago), my MIL bought us a dryer as a wedding present - and didn't tell us. About a month after we got married, MIL tells DH, that she didn't appreciate not getting a phone call or letter thank them for our gift. DH says- what gift? Found out she had ordered us a dryer to be delivered. They lived in GA we lived in CA.</p>

<p>Long story short- the first dryer was sitting in a warehouse in GA. MIL pitched a fit, resubmitted the order. Dryer #2 ended up being delivered to MIL house. By now MIL us talking to upper management at Sears. Dryer #3 was "lost". We finally received Dryer #4 about 1 month after we found out about the gift. It arrived with several dents and we had to reject the delivery.</p>

<p>Dryer #5 was a winner and keeper. We have never dealt with Sears again.</p>

<p>bhmomma, that's horrible!</p>

<p>mamom, at least they credited your card. In our case, they decided to send a store gift card rather than crediting DH's credit card! Now DH has had to waste time with emails, phone calls, letters, etc., not to mention going there in person. It has been very unpleasant and time consuming.</p>

<p>Even worse than having the return denied, was the way I was treated. In the store, the "associate" denied the return. I asked for a supervisor, someone else came over & told me only "corporate" could approve it. He actually called "corporate" from the phone there. I was on phone 20 minutes explaining and holding>Finally the person at "corporate" told me "anthony" the store manager was the only one could approve the return, and he again denied it, saying we weren't impacted by the hurricane. Mind you, I had been told there was not another manager in the store for me to speak to.....</p>

<p>I got them to bring "Anthony, the manager" over, went through my whole saga again (while holding "corporate" on the phone) including the fact that both purchase location and my town (one town over from Best Buy at our primary home) were heavily impacted!! Anyone remember Gov Christie saying "get out!!! Get out Now!!???" </p>

<p>So I was lied to in the store when I was told corporate could waive the policy-even Anthony agree it was at his discretion. Had an hour of my time wasted on the phone and explaining with Anthony. And I was belittled that my $1000 TV purchase wasn't much in their point of view.</p>

<p>Unbelievable. Except when I googled Best Buy apparently I am not the only disgruntled customer.</p>

<p>^^Just plain stupid, IMO. Annoying a customer who spent $1000 over an $18 cable, especially when an emergency was going on around them, was just not smart. </p>

<p>On a positive note, 1 or 2 years ago I had a problem with a department store (I won't name it, so they won't get letters from people looking for a hand out). I wrote to them explaining the situation. I received two phone calls, a letter of apology, and a gift certificate to go with it. Some companies do listen and do respond to customers. Believe me, that situation was not half as bad as what we have been put through with DH's recent purchase at Sears.</p>

<p>We had difficulties with HD. We live 15 miles from store, but our mailing "address" city is 25 miles away. This was going in a rental 18 miles away. Had to be <20 miles for free delivery. They did not care that we were physically within the boundary; all that mattered was the mailing address. How stupid? No one thinks anymore!! It drives me insane. Ended up, we lied and gave them the name of the town nearest, even though that isn't our address. No problem--delivery swift and fine.</p>

<p>My best experiences by far with appliances are Lowe's. 75 miles free I think; next day delivery. Prompt, courteous, set things up, took away old. Pleasant as the experience can be.</p>

<p>If you think Sears service is bad before the sale, let me tell you what I've been dealing with after the sale. I scheduled service on my microwave. Of course the first tech didn't have the part. He also didn't know how to install a new gasket on my washer. The second appointment was one week later. That guy fixed the microwave and installed the new gasket on the washer. Later that day I realized I couldn't close my front loading washing without slamming the door. I called to let them know, but all service calls are automated, so you can't really explain anything and the system gave me another date, one week away. It said, "For faster service, visit us on the web at .....", but the live chat link didn't work. I called back and finally figured out how to get live help on the phone. She said she had no way of contacting the service rep, who had given me his name in case of a problem. She also said she had no way of expediting a service call. When I asked to speak to her supervisor, she put me on hold and never came back to the phone. I held for 20 minutes. So I decide to live with another one week wait for the third technician. On the day of the appointment, Sears calls to say that the tech can't make it and it will be another week until someone can come out. I lost it with her, telling her the whole story. She said she'd see what she could do and was able to schedule someone two days later. I finally got a third tech out here this week and his answer to the door problem was to run a hot cycle and then keep the door closed for the rest of the week. Come on!! That's not going to do it. I'm never dealing with Sears again. I don't think they'll manage to stay afloat for much longer, anyway.</p>