SEAS ED Chances?

<p>hi, im applying to SEAS Early Decision what are my chances?</p>

<p>i go to an extremely competetive private school
school has good connections with Columbia
does not rank
top 10%</p>

<p>GPA (on a scale of 4 [4 is the highest you can get]): 3.9 - 4.0
SAT IIs (just took so expected...): IIC: 780+ Writing: 770+ Physics: 700+
ACT (34 Math, 30 Science): retaking .. hoping for 32 composite...
taking 5 APs this year</p>

<li>Doing biochemical research at Case Western Reserve University</li>
<li>Head of the Multicultural Club</li>
<li>Speech and Debate</li>
<li>Student Congress</li>
<li>Science Olympiad</li>
<li>National Honor Society</li>
<li>JV Tennis</li>
<li>Won a couple of awards</li>
<li>Very good recs.</li>
<li>Took 3 Math Classes at Community College Junior Year (College Algebra, Trig, Precalc)</li>

<p>also question i'm retaking the ACT on the 23rd and scores are available online on Nov.10th or 11th... should i rush them (theyll arrive in 2-3 days) ?
also im taking nov. SAT.. same thing for that or no rush?</p>

<p>Good chances. I dunno about mine....</p>

tough selective HS, unranked
GPAs for the past 4 years: 91, 91.46, (we then changed to a 4.0 scale) 3.572 (ouch, right?), 3.94(Jr. Year).</p>

Math IIC: dunno yet, 700+
Chem: 780
Writing: 710
SATI: 750M/740V</p>

<p>All honors courses, an AP in Jr Year
This year: BC, AP CompSci, AP Physics C, AP Logic and Comp, Physiology</p>

Columbia Summer Program: Engineering Design
Columbia Science Honors Program (since 11th grade, taken Genetics, Quantum/Relativity Theory, Complex Calculus)
Math tutoring inschool and in summer job
Science Olympiad
Regional Bridgebuilding Contest
Math team, participated for a little bit
co-founded a little humor publication
Karate ever since 9th grade</p>

<p>oh and i forgot the ACT i took i had a 30 composite... hoping for 32+ on Oct. 23rd</p>

<p>both of you guys have decent chances</p>