<p>Is the myth about how it is easier for females to get into SEAS true? How easy?</p>

<p>I really believe what you just said isn't a myth, engineering schools are famous for having a low female ratio, so i guess every engineering school is trying its best to fill its "female quota"...i would say a significant plus.</p>

<p>Anybody with variations on this or comments?</p>

<p>i hope ur right delfire...i think my physics sat2 was really u think that'll hurt my chances as a female applying for SEAS?</p>

<p>we are on the same boat im_collegebound, i got a 650 on my physics =( the good thing going for me is I never had a math-involved physic class...</p>

<p>i think it was chumboy that said a while ago that he had an interview with a SEAS rep and the person told him SAT II scores doesn't weigh that much, but i most certainly dunno...what did you get it? Just curious.</p>

<p>I "think" SEAS have between 7:3 & 3:1 Male:Female ratio...</p>

<p>Feel free to argue against that if anybody have a different opinion.</p>

<p>heh, we're all on the same boat. 660 Chem, 3 on AP, and only 710 math SAT I. ehhhhhh, it might be easier for females applying to SEAS but I'm sure they just don't want ANY female.</p>

<p>Hopefully we'll get lucky</p>

<p>Which engineering field are yo guys planning to study? I'm Earth and Environ</p>

<p>actually i just took my SAT2 physics yesterday and i skipped 30, praying for at least a 550..ahhhh my sat1 math is 800 and i never took AP physics because my school doesnt allow us to take it until senior year, and my schedule was full with a double period biology. but seas required physics or chem and i took a look at a practice test for chem n i was like no wayy. hopefully the admissions officers who look at my application take all that into consideration because im pretty strong everywhere else</p>

<p>biomedical here</p>

<p>"Hopefully we'll get lucky"</p>

<p>sorry rp123 im a guy...haha sucks to be me in this process =)</p>

<p>hehe, i am sorry delfire but i wish you the best as well!!</p>