Seattle U Chances? (WORRIED)

So my friend wants to attend Seattle U, but her admissions statistics aren’t great. But she isn’t going for a hugely competitve major, digital design. They don’t even have a minimum SAT for the major like their others. What are her chances?

Sat: 990 on the new SAT
GPA: 3.3 or so weighted and 3.0 or so unweighted
Out of state (California)
ECs: Band (all four years, regarded as one one of the best in the state) and helps out at church every weekend
AP classes: Language and composition, government, united States history, microeconomics, macroeconomics, European history

What are her chances for a digital design major or even going in undeclared?

Seattle U is probably in the high match to low reach zone. Maybe a 25 to 35% chance of admission with those stats?

Well her SAT score being so low can be attributed to extenuating family affairs, if that is any consolation

if she explains why her stats are so low on her application it might help!