Seattle U Fall 2019 Transfer Decision Date

Does anyone knows about their fall 2019 transfer decision date, or is it on a rolling basis?

Hey, noticed you posted a few of these. This information should be available on the transfer section of each college’s website. Good luck! :slight_smile:

Most of them give application deadlines, but not the date decision will be released. So, am hoping those students who previously applied has any idea the rough timeline of decision release dates

any existing transfer students there remember when they get their decisions?

Hello, I am also a Transfer student awaiting their decision notification. May I ask when you submitted your application? I was told they notify you 4-6 weeks after you’ve completed the application. Mine was completed on March 9, so I’m guessing I should find out in the next two weeks.

Sorry, I just noticed the last comment was way back in November. Did you get notified already? Best of luck to everyone, btw!

@LeonorC my D didn’t end up applying, so won’t be able to answer your question. Anyway all the best to your applications!

Got accepted today with $18k scholarship :smiley:

@90smix Congrats!!