Seattle U vs Creighton

I am debating between these two schools for pre-med. I would likely receive a scholarship from both of these school, so what are the pros and cons of each? settings? pre-med strength? student life?

You should probably post this in either the SeattleU or Creighton threads on CC in-order to get people familiar with the schools to post.

Both schools have clinical opportunities for pre-med students by proximity to medical schools/hospitals (Creighton has its own medical school and UW Medicine is in Seattle.) However, the two locations are vastly different, as Omaha, while the largest in Nebraska, is no where close to the size of Seattle, which is the largest city in the PNW. Idk about Omaha weather, but Seattle is famous for its rain/cold, so take that into account while you’re considering where to spend the next four years. Seattle will likely also have more job opportunities (in multiple fields, but especially in CS/Tech b/c of Microsoft and Amazon) than Omaha, both during and post-college.

If cost is a concern, I recommend that you apply to both and compare them after you are admitted and receive your financial aid offer.

Hope this helps! Good luck with admissions!

Seattle University has an amazing location in Seattle. Lots of great job opportunities.

Seattle doesn’t get cold, but it does have rainy weather. Not sure, but I think that Omaha gets colder weather.

@Publisher It’s still cold when it rains a lot, but yes, not cold in the conventional sense of snow/low temperatures.

Seattle can freeze in January and have heavy snowfall. Not often but it does happen often enough. The whole region shuts down with heavy ice and snow. No significant difference academically between the two universities.

Visiting the campuses is definitely a must to get a sense of them. I have been on the Seattle U campus a couple times, and it’s a very urban feel (spread out campus buildings in the midst of a large city, close to downtown). Also, Seattle U has a reputation for being very left-leaning both as an institution and student body, for what it’s worth. HTH.