Seattle University as a non religious student.

How heavily does Seattle U focus on religion? I’m considering going there but the fact that’s it’s a Catholic school is throwing me off a little bit. How is the student body?

My son goes there, and he’s an atheist. It hasn’t been a problem. There are certainly religious events and groups and activities on campus, but no one is forced to participate. Keep in mind that as part of the core curriculum, you will have to take a theology class here and there, but they make them interesting and accessible to all. You can study Buddhism, Judaism, or Islam. Or you can take a class called “Jesus in Hollywood,” which featured films depicting Jesus.

Seattle U is near downtown and in a very densely populated area. Seattle is an extraordinarily liberal city. The school also does not have a lot of stringent rules unlike say a Westmont or Point Loma.

Seattle University has a great location in the city. The undergraduate student population is a bit over 60% female. The university also has a law school. As noted above, Seattle is a liberal city. Not a party school.

My S went to a different Jesuit university. He had friends with many different religious backgrounds as well as atheists/agnostics who were happy there. The Jesuits are educators first and foremost and do not force religion on anyone. That said, to be comfortable at a Jesuit university I think one should; 1) be respectful of religion; 2) have no issue with seeing some religious symbols on campus (ex. crucifix); and 3) look at the core curriculum and be fine with the idea of taking any required philosophy/theology courses.