Seattle University Class of 2023 Admission

I thought I’d start this thread since my DD was admitted to the Nursing Program. We’re visiting next week & she’s leaning towards this school. Please post your comments if you’re considering Seattle U and why. Thanks!

Congrats to your daughter! When my dd wasn’t a finalist for the Sullivan award, we went into a holding pattern while she waited for other acceptances. She got her final acceptance a few weeks ago and has finally decided! She will be a Redhawk! :slight_smile: I think after several visits and the Sullivan Leaders Day, she got such a great vibe from the school and looks forward to being in the Honors program. Plus she just loves Seattle. Hope your daughter loves it too!

@303mom Sorry for the late reply. I missed the notification. Congrats on your daughter for committing to SU and being chosen for the Honors Program. That’s quite an accomplishment. My daughter loved the campus, the nursing lab and Seattle so she just committed yesterday. I’m excited for her even tho she’s a bit nervous being far from home. Do you mind me asking where you are from and what her major is?

Congrats! Colorado and International Studies. It came down to SU and American in D.C. and I think the distance to DC definitely weighed in her decision. Where do you live?

@303mom We’re in CA and she did not want to go out of state but really likes Seattle. It will be interesting trying to fit everything in suitcases. We’ll be purchasing most things there I guess. Will your daughter be doing the overnight in July?

@javamom3 Yes, already trying to figure out how to get all her stuff there! I think my hubby and I will fly out with her on Southwest and get 2 free bags a piece…that should help some…and hitting up Target and BB&B while there. haha Guessing we will have to drive out to bring her home next summer though! We are hoping to go to the 7/15-7/16 overnight. I guess they can’t sign up for a few more weeks though.

We used Bed Bath and Beyond’s Pack and Hold program…pick out your dorm essentials at your home store, then pick them up at the BBB closest to SU!

That’s what I was thinking, between BBB and Target, we should be able to get most things. My friend with a daughter at TCU said they got their dorm assignment with address several weeks ahead of move in and were able to ship directly to the dorm. When they arrived for move in, it was all waiting for them. Does SU do anything like that?

@Collgbrwsr Thank you for the suggestion. I’ll definitely check out BB&B. Question, so if you used the dorm machines to launder all the sheets, etc. that you bought, how are they for big loads?

@303mom I called SU and talked to someone at Housing and said they can have stuff sent up to 2 weeks before move in. I read in one of the pamphlets that you’re only allowed 5 days before, so I just need to confirm this. I was advised not to send things that you’ll need immediately like beddings, toiletries etc as they have to sort through hundreds of packages and it may take a few days to receive them.