Seattle University

<p>Is this university really a dump? I've seen some pretty negative comments regarding the university, and I would just like to know, as I'm considering applying. The school seems to be reasonably priced, offers decent financial aid, is in an awesome city, and has a "decent" business program.</p>

<p>Can anyone else tell me about it?</p>

<p>It's not a dump. a few people from my school apply their every year and when they go to visit they generally have nice things to say about it.</p>

<p>The campus is bomb. Really awesome architecture.</p>

<p>Its a really good school. Its a superb location. Great faculty. New architecture because they are NEW buildings! Highly respected school.</p>

<p>Go there if you get in.</p>

<p>I know quite a few kids who go there or have considered it and the negative comments I've picked up basically have to do with two things--prestige (or lack thereof) and personal fit. I actually got my acceptance letter from them a couple days ago, and it's currently my top choice.</p>

<p>It definitely doesn't have the reputation or name recognition that so many other CC users' schools carry, but it is a serious, selective institution. It's also a Jesuit school, and the Jesuits are known for quality education and, particularly, preparation for social justice (think Xavier, Georgetown, Boston I sound like a brochure? haha).</p>

<p>From what I've heard, SU's quieted reputation is due largely in part to the fact that they offer no doctoral programs, its smaller size, and its western location. What, specifically, are some of the negative comments you've heard about it?</p>

<p>"Its a really good school. Its a superb location. Great faculty. New architecture because they are NEW buildings! Highly respected school.</p>

<p>Go there if you get in."</p>

<p>Wait, highly respected? In comparison to what?</p>

<p>The negative comments I've heard mostly deal with the facilities, I remember a few posts on CC that said it was in horrible shape and worse than local high school facilities. Is this true? How's the campus, architecture, and location?</p>

<p>Shifty: It does offer doctoral degrees, check your facts. One of its graduates is a three star General in the Army who was commander of the 4th Army in Iraq: General Chirillo (?).</p>

<p>Big: Its highly respected in the Northwest, California and Mountain states. Employers like Microsoft, Boeing, Starbucks hire out of Seattle U. Its one of 28 Jesuit universities and enjoys a very good reputation for producing quality people. THey have had numerous Rhodes and Fulbright Scholars. Its not at the level of Georgetown, BC, Fordham or Holy Cross, but its every bit as good as Marquette, St. Louis U, Santa Clara, Creighton and the other Jesuit schools. In the late 50's they were in fact a basketball powerhouse and went to the Final Four twice, and the National Championship once, losing to Kentucky. </p>

<p>Walt: You have to take comments you hear, especially on this site where people make irresponsible comments with regularity and with an agenda to slime a school because it makes them feel real big, with a grain of salt. Seattle U is in an urban campus in the middle of the city and only a few blocks from the city center and major financial institutions and the Port of Seattle. Some of the older buildings had real character and were removed to make room for their huge expansion and campus beautification projects over the last 15 years or so. Its not in horrible shape or even bad shape. Architecture is typical of western schools and very modern, but it has beautiful japanese gardens throughout campus and an award winning Chapel on campus, where I think Bill Gates got married. There are superb restaurants just blocks away from campus.</p>

<p>It is on major bus lines in Seattle, a city that uses mass transportation with aplomb. Its a stones throw from Seattle Pacific University, University of Washington. Its on top of Capitol Hill overlooking three major hospitals and the Waterfront and major sports complex (Seahawks and Mariners). Its eclectic, but also sort of trendy. It has a great business school and its law school is rising rapidly in the rankings. </p>

<p>Its soccer team won the Division II soccer championship last year, I believe. They have petitioned to return to Division I in basketball and other sports.</p>

<p>If you want "pretty" then go to Santa Clara or University of San Diego. Seattle University fits very well in its community, both in architecture and socially. Seattle U has great programs, a highly respected faculty and its students are known for being well trained and who embody the Jesuit ethos.</p>

<p>It is ranked number 7 in USNWR Western region.</p>

<p>Seattle University is extremely nice, with a great atmosphere and people.</p>

<p>I am really hoping to get into Seattle U. I have an average of a 3.89 GPA over 300 community service ours, year round sports all 4 years including varsity, and class president for two years. SAT super score so far 1720 and ACT 23. Will I get in?</p>