SeattleU EA Fall 2023 Entry

Didn’t see a thread here - my son was admitted EA today (12/21) with a $26,500/year Academic Achievement Scholarship. He was also invited to continue in the Sullivan Leadership Award competition. He has good ECs and strong stats (3.96UW, 4.6W, 1490 SAT). He was also admitted to the Honors program with an additional $1800 scholarship.

Does anyone know how many people are invited to the January Leaders day?

Congrats to your Son!
My D was accepted with $25k merit/scholarship. She did not get the extra invite so think it is probably a pretty small group as not everyone gets merit and the range is $13-$30k so both our kids were in the higher end of the range.

She did not apply for Sullivan nor Honors.

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I was wondering the same thing, have read in years past a large group. I did find that if they make it past this round, only 45 go on to the speech portion. Good luck to your son.

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