Seccond Chances

<p>I'm going to try and compress this in as much a possible. </p>

<p>Been a Ward of the State (NY) since 16, left group home at 19, but while there attended a few night classes earned A's in all classes (It was the only thing I had to do) I worked full-time during the day. I earned my GED, went to college the following fall semester (2001). Having never experienced any type of fun during my high school years when college came I did just that. Unfortunately, I did not balance out having fun with getting my school work done, and Dec. 2003 I was suspended from school for failure to maintain a 2.0 </p>

<p>I decided to join the military in the hopes of getting a grasp on myself, while learning and being able to serve. I always felt I owed a big debt to my country who supported me. I decided to do the 6 year enlistment. Fast forward it's now 2010! I'm 27 and decided to make the choice to come back home (NY) and go to school to become a doctor. My focus and drive are in 6th gear, but I feel my previous grades are holding me back. </p>

<p>I know your probably thinking why didn't I go to school while in the military. It's true it's free while your in, but you have to find the time to go. I was always in the middle-east, or somewhere in the world. I was gone 3/4 of the year. Every time I registered to go to class. I ended up having to leave, but I do have a military transcript which states I completed 18 or so hours of community college. </p>

<p>I applied at the following colleges. I would have applied to more, but by the time I got back deadlines had already passed. </p>

Long Island university, Brooklyn
NYU- That was a shot in the dark, -Rejected LOL
SUNY Westbury</p>

<p>Will they take my absence into account as maturity. I'm not the same person I was 6 years ago, but I realize I do have to carry the burden of my past misdeeds. What do you all think my chances are? I'm not trying to use the military as a hook to get in nor my past. In fact, I didn't mention my past in any essay I wrote. I just want the chance. Do universities believe in second chances?</p>

<p>Sounds like an intense few years! I'd definitely mention your military experiences in an essay - puts things in context and it's not all that unusual for someone to mature significantly in those circumstances. Good luck!</p>

<p>There is no doubt it was, but given our unique mission we saved many lives. I always remembered that every time I did my job. Believe you me I did mature. I use to joke around and say if I ever saw the younger me I would beat some sense into him. Sometimes when all you have around you is the sun and sand everything gets put into perspective.</p>

<p>If you haven't looked at them already, you might want to read some of the information on the Non-Traditional Student subforum and the Transfer Students forum.</p>

<p>I checked out the thread. It definitely has a wealth of information. Thanks!</p>

<p>Having military experience will be a big plus. Obviously, you had to be responsible to have served in the military as you did. Colleges also know that in most cases, nontraditional students are more focused than are students who are the traditional college age.</p>

<p>I used to be a college professor. My nontraditional students were typically at the top fo the class.</p>

<p>I got into Hofstra!!! Having learned from my mistakes. I know I will succeed this time around. Thank you everyone who replied.</p>