Second Bachelors at 33?

Hello everyone,
I was accepted to Columbia GS for this fall. I’m questioning if I should go or not. I have a bachelors degree in English but did very poorly (2.9 GPA). I plan on studying computer science at Columbia. I’m quite old, (33), and I’ll probably finish at Columbia at 35 or so. My age really bothers me, I wish I was 21 again. I hate to be 35 or 36 and JUST entering the workforce. I have no family currently.
I applied to this program because I wanted to make a serious career change. I’m a veteran so the program is almost entirely paid off. It just feels silly at times to get a second bachelors degree. Has anyone else done this? What was your experience like? Really depressed right now, and not sure what to do.
If anyone can help me, thank you ! :slight_smile:

Congratulations on your admission! Getting a B.A. in CompSci to make a career change is a great idea if it’s mostly paid for by the GI Bill. If you master coding, I doubt your age will be an insurmountable handicap in getting a good job. (You could even go to work for the military, as a well-paid civilian.) But you mention you’re depressed. Dunno if this is just due to jitters over your career plans, but if you’re depressed and alone, being in NYC and going to school for a tough program – you’ll be taking the Core as well as your major courses – may be challenging. If I were you I’d try to join a fraternity, if you’re not in one already. GS does have good resources for veterans.
You may be daunted at the prospect of doing college in NYC as a guy in your 30s, but what’s the alternative? Keep on doing what you’re doing? You must be unsatisfied with that or you wouldn’t be considering the drastic career change.

Anything is possible, go for it! Learning is fun haha

If it helps, I’m in a very similar boat to you. I’m almost 30, military vet, already have a bachelors in business from a small private school in the Midwest(3.3 gpa), and have just begun thinking about applying to Columbia in hopes to start in the Fall of 2020. Yes, I haven’t even applied yet, but I have all of the same thoughts as you(being too old for a career change and all of that). Just think about the opportunity you have in front of you: Getting an amazing education, basically for free, living in one of the greatest cities in the world. You will be fine, man. Hopefully I will see you out there next year. Keep working your ass off.

Do you mind me asking…since you already had a bachelors, we’re you able to carry some of your credits forward to Columbia, or are you starting as a Freshman?