Second Best Penn State Campus????

<p>Obviously University Park is the best penn state campus, but what is considered the second best?</p>

<p>best publics</p>

<p>Pitt (is it part of Penn state system?)
Temple (is it in Penn State system?)</p>

<p>these are next and about the same
West Chester
U Pitt Greensburg
Indiana U of PA

<p>collegehelp, I think he might be talking about the branch campus's.</p>

<p>I dont know which is best, because a lot of students transfer over to main, but Id say Altoona is up there? I would go for the ones with resident halls and such, rather then the campus's that are purely commuting campus's.</p>

<p>I have a Penn State campus in my town. Although the campus itself isn't extremely special, the professors are extrordinary. We have professors take time and come teach minicourses at our school. (ie Forensics, Genetics... other stuff) So to answer your questions let's just say one of their Northeastern campuses.</p>