Second degree in MT

<p>Hi! I'm a classical voice student from India, and I'd like to get into a musical theatre program in the US (or the UK). I'm looking for schools that allow recorded auditions, and since I've only been learning voice for a year after my undergraduate degree (in Electronic Media), I need a school that allows second Baccalaureates. :)
I'm hoping someone can help soon, as most deadlines I see are Nov. 30!!!
Info about scholarships and sponsors would be most welcome, as I absolutely can't get to college on my own money (too expensive for intl. students :( ). I'm open to community colleges, but I hear it's significantly harder to get a visa then. Would it help if I told the visa officer that I'm changing careers and my first degree has nothing to do with my second??</p>

<p>I'd also love info on audition songs. I am a legit lyric soprano, without a 'belt' voice (it interferes with my soprano voice) :) For now, I'm thinking of 'Hello young lovers' from The King and I for my ballad song. I just can't find a good up-tempo soprano song anywhere!!</p>

<p>PS. Do I need an SAT or an ACT if I already have a degree? I know I need a TOEFL, but what about the rest??</p>

<p>If you have already gone through college and a year of voice, you may want to even consider just doing real world auditions if you arent in any hurry. The thing to remember is that with music theatre degrees, you generally have to commit to all 4 years to get the BFA, and there arent any shortcuts really.</p>

<p>Just something I would consider in your position. If you feel that going for a degree is the best choice for you, I wish you the best of luck! I am a freshman bfa at ball state and i know for a fact that they accept transfers.</p>