Second house - what to do with kid trophies?

<p>What is the advice on what to do with old trophies and such?</p>

<p>Gee there's another thread about this already....about medals...same thing. We asked our kids what they wanted to do...each chose one to keep...the rest went to the dump. All were engraved with no reuse value.</p>

<p>Will you have a basement? We have a trophy wall in ours.</p>

<p>You could just take a picture of them before tossing--as a collection, or individual trophy or medal photos. Good for artwork too. </p>

<p>Anyone know of a charity that can reuse them (replacing the engraving)?</p>

<p>I'm a big fan of the little photo books (flip books) from Snapfish. Take a picture of each, upload to your account, then create your own little momento book with or without captions. We make them for vacations, graduations, anything special.</p>

<p>I tossed most of them. The refuse collector asked if he could have them for a youth program at his church. I was thrilled they would be used.</p>

<p>I kept a couple of the meaningful ones (well, meaningful to me - the kids didn't want any of them). I have no idea what I'll do with them when we downsize.</p>

<p>It's funny which ones have sentimental value. I like the trophy-wall-in-the-basement idea.</p>

<p>It seems as though someone could re-use them. Most of the engraving is done on a removable brass plate. How about calling local Special Olympics or perhaps a city schools program. This would make a great service project.</p>