second interview

<p>I have a second interview on Wednesday.... My first one was at Yale this past summer, but now I have another one... Should I emphasize the same or different stuff this time?</p>

<p>Did your first interview go well? If it did, you might want to tell this new interviewer that you already had one. Then he/she may opt to interview you anyway or interview a new person...... there are so many applicants that need interviews and sometimes not enough interviewers to go around. Perhaps you've already done this... but just a thought. Also, I believe it says this on the confirmation letter.</p>

<p>First one at yale this summer doesn't count as an interview... they only make interview arrangments once they receive your app, and it's with an alumni. The first one you did was most likely just an informative one.</p>

<p>An on campus interview before they receive your application is considered an interview in the same way an off campus interview is, so says the application and so says the Yale website and so says the confirmation letter.</p>

<p>Take the second interview if you want to. You don't have to. And you won't be taking anyone else's interview if you do take it.</p>