Second language first generation immigrant.

Hey guys so I just moved here to the United states about a year and a half ago and I am looking to apply to Johns Hopkins university. Because English is not my first language I have signifanct hardship on my SAT and in my second sitting I got a score of 1950. Other than that I am really involved in extracurricular and am doing an internship and have a 3.97 GPA. Do you think I have a chance of getting admitted? I am really good with my studies
, it is just the SAT that is trumping me up. Plus I got 4’s on both AP English language and literature that I took as a junior simultaneously. Any help would be appreciated, Thank you!!!

First, is that 3.97 GPA w or uw? Second, how are your SAT section scores?

Unwighted on a 4.0 scale. Mu subscores are Math:680, Writing:680 Essay:9, Critical reading:590


Your GPA is fine but your CR+M is only 1270. You need to bring it up by at least 100-150 for a decent chance.

You may want to try the ACT, it may be easier for you to get a good score!

The SAT is hard, and ‘Because English is not my first language’ is not really an excuse because I have seen lots of students in non-immersive English environments, including not-so-privileged people, get high test scores. It is all about practice.

Take a toefl practice test and see if you can hit high scores!

I agree with international95. I would suggest studying, retaking, etc. The problem with the TOEFL or IELTS is they aren’t the same style or type of test as the ACT or SAT since they are strictly English proficiency tests. However, it may help you as a study tool only.

If you go to a community college, you’ll be taking English as a second language. My mom took it and her English has improve.

That’s a community college though. Not JH which is the OP school of interest so they are two VERY different schools. Tests and school courses aren’t the same. If taking some ESL courses as a high school concurrent student is possible that might help with English comprehension overall, but mot necessarily on the SAT. I think it would be helpful, but probably won’t matter in regards to retaking the SAT.

I am probably going to consider taking the ACT because i think suits more to my style of studying. Right now i am just hoping to get a good score on the September test because i am planning on applying early decision in november.

And do you think that southeastern Asians and Asians are counted into the same category as i have heard that being asian can reduce your chances.

There is usually only one box for Asian on the app.