Second major choice..anxious

<p>I'm an American college student (Canadian Citizen), and I applied to McGill as a transfer student by the January 15th deadline.</p>

<p>On the application, I put my first major choice as Bcomm, and did not notice we were permitted to put a second major choice. After submitting my app (January 16th), I found out that I did not meet the two math requirements needed to be admitted to Bcomm (my mistake).</p>

<p>I immediately contacted McGill and they told me to email ServicePoint and they would process my request to add a second major. My plan was to start in the Arts program, then transfer to Bcomm eventually. I did so around January 17th. I received no reply until February 3rd, at which point the ServicePoint rep told me to contact her at her personal McGill email, and to specify which major I would like to add. I did so, and am yet to receive a reply. Spoke to Admissions today (February 15th), and was told to email one more time.</p>

<p>I did, and then received an email from ServicePoint the SAME DAY (weird because it previously took them weeks to respond) saying that the deadline to add another major was February 1st. Keep in mind, this reply was not from the same rep which I emailed at her personal email.</p>

<p>I'm going to be calling McGill first thing in the morning, but am very anxious and thought someone here may have experience with this. If my 2nd major choice is not added, I will have to wait another year to apply.</p>

<p>I find this a bit unfair considering I made numerous attempts to have this process completed. Is there anything I can do at this point? Is it possible the individual who had me contact her at her personal McGill email will still process my request, considering I did email her well in advance?</p>