Second OSU student vanishes

<p>As the mother of two OSU sons, the recent disappearance of two male students is very distressing. The latest, Hiroshi Hayashi, left his home last Thursday morning telling his mother he'd be home for dinner. His car was parked in the school lot where he would take shuttle bus to campus. He seems to have just vanished into thin air. They weren't even able to inquire of his classmates whether he had been in class last Thursday, until today,five days later. Six weeks ago, a second year OSU med student simply disappeared without a trace from a campus area night club. </p>

<p>These missing students just seem to make the local news. Does this happen on other campuses too?</p>

<p>I don't understand--why couldn't they begin an immediate search? If I was the mom, I'd be calling Adam Welsh and making a lot of noise at police dept and campus. I should google and read more, but the idea of 2 young men disappearing bothers me</p>

<p>Check out WBNS-10TV missing OSU student. What can a local person do to help?</p>



<p>Me too! I watch entirely too many crime shows on TV and these disappearances are worrisome.</p>

<p>A girl at my D's school, a graduate student, disappeared earlier this year and has yet to be found. Her parents speak regularly at the school or to the media in general about student safety.</p>

<p>OSU? Oregon State? Oklahoma State? Ohio State?</p>

<p>They found him! Check out the WBNS-10TV website.</p>

<p>Apparently Ohio State. Wow, and I never even heard about this (I'm from Toledo).</p>

<p>Thank goodness- keep us posted on what happened - so glad he is safe now.</p>

<p>Local news is reporting that the student walked into a Tennessee police station and claimed he had been abducted. After questioning, he confessed he made up the whole story. He is currently jailed in Tennessee where he has been charged with filing a false police report. Where he was for the five days is still unknown.</p>

<p>Probably spending time with that runaway bride...</p>

<p>Good one!</p>


<p>Abducted during finals! Way to go!</p>

<p>A Univerity of Wisconsin girl did the same thing about two years ago- staged an abduction.</p>

<p>Actually 3 students were reported as missing at OSU, with one coed having been found murdered. In an unusual twist all 3 were graduates from the same high school. Perhaps this last hoax was some sick and feeble attempt to play into the coincidence of the first two!</p>

<p>We should note that the coed and the first young man disappeared from off campus locations - 2 different bars and many months apart, I believe. As I recall the story, the coed had recently started a job at the bar. The hoax kid did leave his car at an OSU parking lot.</p>

<p>That they were Ohio State students seems the lesser part of the story (but, naturally, the headline)...more an issue of kids making bad decisions while living in a large city (and these 3 were all local area kids - not new to Columbus) and the latest one apparently having either some huge problems or a sick sense of humor.</p>

<p>O'oog - I knew the boys went to the same high school..didn't realize the girl did, too.</p>