Second Semester Course Change

<p>Hi, I'm a senior who applied to a bunch of colleges, including 2 I was deferred from EA. I recently (today) switched out of Theatre 2 and am instead a student aid for my AP Chem teacher. I took Theatre 2 first semester. Do I need to/how to I let all my colleges know? Also, I am going to be doing another extracurricular that I recently added on (well, it's the same as one of my ECs but with a leadership position) Should I tell colleges about this? And how? Thank you!</p>

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<p>My D just went through this. she added a class where she previously had a study hall. I believe all the colleges she applied to required notification of any schedule changes, and in her situation it was a posititive and she wanted to make sure they knew. </p>

<p>You should talk to your guidance counselor. In my D’s case, the mid-year transcript had not been sent out yet. She was advised to write a letter/email to each admissions rep at each school, politely informing them of the change and stating that it would show up on the new transcript. Does student aid show up on the transcript? If not, maybe you’d want you GC to write a note so it’s “legit”? I’d say start with your GC and if they don’t seem helpful, you can always ask the college admissions office how they would prefer to see this change reported.</p>

It is a legit thing that would show up on my Mid-years, but I sent my mid-year only 2 days after I changed my course so I don’t think it had been updated yet. I guess I’ll email each college separately. Thanks!</p>

<p>Also, would it be better to email the local representative or admissions in general?</p>