Second Summer Session/SummerStart

<p>Is anybody going to be at UT Austin in a few weeks? I'm just wondering because I'll be there.</p>

<p>I was wondering if anybody had taken summer classes @ UT in the past and what it was like - in comparison to the usual fall/spring. Obviously there's less people, right? Are the classes smaller as well? </p>

<p>I'm just bracing for the summer heat -- but it goes on still in August and Sept... lol</p>

<p>Arent the summer classes expensive? People usually take summer courses at CC's.</p>

<p>reprhased :</p>

<p>I know the summer classes at UT(or everyschool for that matter besides CC's) are expensive? People usually take summer courses at CC's.</p>

<p>Yes but I don't think you will find the upper division classes you need at most (if not all) community colleges. Also, your major will require you to take certain classes in residence with a minimum number of college hours taken in residence. So while CCs are a great way to get the harder lower-division classes out of the way, it is not possible to knock out every class you need there.</p>

<p>Yeah it was pretty expensive $2500 tuition for the summer. I'm a new freshman though -- next summer I'll probably do community college in Colorado and then head back to UT for the fall/spring semester. </p>

<p>I'll be wanting to do my basic math classes @ a CC because I'm basically starting from scratch.</p>

<p>I'm taking summer courses now - my Psy 418 class is incredibly small compared to what it apparently is during long session, and my Ch 204 is small-ish. Keep in mind that you are doing everything you would in a long session in a much shorter time frame - I think some people in my classes assumed summer courses would have less material and have since dropped because they weren't able to adjust their study habits (or DVR the World Cup).</p>

<p>Yeah i transferred in as a senior and I only have upper division classes to take at austin and they have a requirement of 60 hours in residence there so I don't have much of a choice but to take every class from here on out there. I heard the classes are pretty rigorous especially if you don't get a good professor because the courseload is a whole semesters worth in about a month. Classes are pretty expensive yes, 2500 dollars is a substantial amount but sometimes its better you take them there than at a community college if its a major oriented course or a pre req in a pre-profession such as med school soo be careful.</p>

<p>Yeah I really have to make sure I'm on the ball when it comes to studying. So much for planning on MWF or TTH schedules -- For me, it's going to be M-F for summer and fall. I was told its somewhat better that way anyways when it comes to finals; that they won't all have to be on one day - is that true?</p>

<p>Six weeks to take two classes is going to be interesting...I was put in one of those figs maybe that'll help..</p>