Second time applying to colleges, I want to do it right this time

<p>I graduated from high school in June and took a year off after deferring my admissions to Boston University due to financial concerns. I recently told BU that I will not be attending and I am beginning to apply to schools AGAIN. This time, I would like to do it right and not apply to schools that are financially out of my range. Can anyone help? This is honestly so frustrating and draining to have to repeat this process after applying to 10 schools last year. But it must be done and I honestly just want to get it over with. My high school kept my teacher recommendations from last year (thank god) and I will use the same essays. I just really need suggestions to do it right this time. I would like to major in Journalism, English, Communications, or Psychology. Nothing is set in stone and YES I understand these majors aren't exactly great for emploment but I'll just have to live with that. I'm from Long Island, NY.</p>

<p>I applied to Hunter College in NYC as a safety and because it's only $5,000 a year. I also applied to Mizzou's journalism school just to see how much money they would give me (probably not enough, but it's worth a shot).</p>

<p>Most I'm willing to pay per year: $15,000. My family's EFC is around $7,000
GPA: 96 (3.8ish) weighted after senior year. I had a 99 GPA senior year.
SATs: 1300/1960.
Rank: 23/310
Graduated with 4 APs, and mostly honors classes.
Good ECs + worked a job for 2 years in high school.
First generation.
Good essay & Recommendation. </p>

<p>It seems like SUNY schools would be my best bet, but the idea of spending 4 years in upstate, NY doesn't really appeal to me. I like cities, or towns with character. A social student body, but good academics as well. The size doesn't really matter. I really only want to apply to 2 more schools, I spent way too much money on applications last year. </p>

<p>Any ideas? Or is upstate NY in my future? Hunter for 2 years, than transfer to a better school? HELP? I want to do it right this time.</p>

<p>Have you taken any college level classes at all since graduating from HS? If not, most schools will consider you an incoming freshman. And you will still have many scholarships/merit available to you. If you have taken classes, depending on the number of credit you have, you might be a transfer student. </p>

<p>Are you planning on re-taking the SAT or taking the ACT?</p>

<p>Apply to SUNYs- Binghamton, Geneseo and Buffalo.
You may be scholarship $ from Buffalo.</p>

<p>You may also have an easier time getting into above schools, per your major!</p>

<p>Also, look at the thread for merit scholarships as the combined merit and grant money may make schools you thought unaffordable, affordable for you. Keep loans down!!!</p>

<p>Good luck and do not bypass the SUNYs.</p>

<p>This may be a little dated now: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>You might also look at some of the best value lists (Forbes, etc) for average discounted costs.</p>

<p>Most I'm willing to pay per year: $15,000. My family's EFC is around $7,000</p>

<p>Can you clarify. Will your parents be paying the $15k or will you be? If you will be paying for most/all of your EFC, how will you do that?</p>

<p>Yea, I'd still be considered a first time applicant which is great. I feel like my stats aren't good enough to qualify for so many merit scholarships but I don't plan on taking the SATs again. </p>

<p>My parent's will be paying $5,000 a year. They've offered to pay more, but I know they can't financially handle anymore than that and the last thing I want to do is be a burden to anyone. I have money saved and will contribute that, than take out the rest in loans (federal, of course). </p>

<p>I think I will apply to Binghamton, Buffalo, and Geneseo. They're affordable. Actually, I got a $3,000 merit scholarships from Buffalo last year and got accepted to their honors college but turned it down because I was so obsessed with the name brand of the school and didn't care the cost (HUGE mistake).</p>

<p>Or is upstate NY in my future? Hunter for 2 years, than transfer to a better school? HELP? I want to do it right this time.</p>

<p>Don't do the transfer route...too hard to make that affordable since aid/scholarships are harder to get as a transfer student.</p>

<p>If you have money saved, isn't that going to raise your EFC?</p>

<p>If you're instate for NY, then apply to the SUNYs that will work for you and give you merit. That sounds like the most affordable choice. If your SATs were higher, there might be other schools that would give you merit.</p>

<p>Are you sure you want to use all the same essays? Having taken a gap year, you might want to capitalize on what you accomplished during the year. At very least, a letter of recommendation from an employer might be useful. Keep in mind that the gap year differentiates you from many otherwise comparable students.</p>

<p>Unfortunately so far my only experiences are working in a crap job and having to quit because of the poor treatment of management. But I will be going to Europe semester, so I guess that's something to talk about. Thanks for the suggestion, it does make sense.</p>

<p>If Hunter is on your radar, why don't you also apply Macaulay? It would waive your tuition and include housing at Hunter (and a free laptop).</p>

<p>Macaulay</a> Honors College - Hunter</p>

<p>Welcome</a> to The Macaulay Honors College at Hunter College</p>

<p>Also, New Paltz has journalism - it is technically upstate but it isn't that far.</p>

<p>OP, why are you going to Europe prior to attending a school where you'll have to take loans?</p>

<p>I don't think I have much of a chance at macaulay but I guess I can see. And to erinsdad because life is too short to not have an adventure and to worry about money. Traveling is my dream and it's part of the reason I'm taking the year off: to explore a little and have some fun.</p>

<p>Thanks guys.</p>