Second Time

<p>My son was on the waiting list at the Naval Academy last year for 3 months and found out a week before graduation that he didn't get accepted. He applied for this year as soon as he found out he was on a waiting list. He is currently a freshman in a good school, but has wanted the Naval Academy since he was 10. Does anyone know what steps you can take to appeal when you get denied admission? All teacher recommendations and medical are good for 2 years, he just has to get a nomination. Last year he had one from a senator and our congressman. Any advice appreciated</p>

<p>Lorraine, I have a friend who applied last year and didn't get accepted, so he applied again this year and was invited to the CVW. We're going together! :-) He is also a freshman at a great school and in NROTC. Is your son in NROTC? If I don't go to the Academy, I will definitely be in NROTC. He says he would be very happy to stay where he is because he has all A's so far in engineering, made a number of friends and also very involved with the unit. I know how your son feels about wanting the Academy since he was 10. I have wanted to go to Harvard since way back when, but have been thrown a curve with receiving a LOA to USNA. </p>

<p>I wouldn't count on an appeal, but you could certainly try if denied admission. Good luck to your son! It sounds like he has a great chance this year. I understand a good number of offers go to college applicants.</p>

<p>Thanks. My son went to CVW last year. The parent Q & A was very informative. My son was granted an NROTC scholarship ast year, but it came to late he he couldn't use it at the school he wanted. He had his BGO interview today, and is waiitng for his nomination interview.</p>

<p>What kind of grades, SATs, extracurricluar activities did he have?? I'm curious. Also, I hear that the interview done by blue and gold officers or ALO's can be quite important</p>

<p>How much does the BGO interview effect your chances for admission?
My BGO said it would not effect my application, it was only a chance for them to get to know me, stuff like that. I would say I did decent, not great, not terrible. I may have said some stupid things (dont really remember), and i probably appeared nervous and stiff. I hope it wouldn't hurt me in anyway, other then those things i did pretty well.</p>

<p>Candidates are assessed by the B/G officer during the interview and the B/G WILL send in their recommendation (I think they key it on line). They are asked to rate you (top 5%, top 25%, average, below average, not recommended). It was probably not an accurate statement for your B/G officer to say it had no affect on your application.</p>

<p>Shogun is absolutely correct. The BGO serves as the eyes and ears for Admissions. The interview is a VERY important step in the process. My BGO has always been very informative and has answered all of my questions and offered wonderful advice.</p>

<p>He graduated Scholar with Distinction, GPA 3.98
2 nominations-1 senator 1 congressman</p>

<p>His BGO gave him the highest he could on his interview, and was very surprised when he was waitlisted more so when he didn't get in</p>

<p>wow im shocked if he had all those achievements, now im worried :(</p>