Secondary School dates

<p>So, I have a confusing situation here. I attended School 1 freshman year before moving out of state to School 2 for sophomore year. Then this past year I moved back to School 1 for junior year and this upcoming senior year. So when they ask me what date i entered my current school should i put the 2006 freshman date or the 2008 second entrance date? Because on the 'previous secondary school' section i put 07-08 dates that i attended. I don't want it to seem like i didn't go to school at all in '06 because they would wonder where that year went if put my second entrance date :) but then again the dates will overlap between Schools 1 and 2. I suspect i should just put the first entry date and if they ask, explain why they overlap with School 2 but i just want to make sure. Thank you!</p>

<p>I would put the 2006 date for when you started your current school, then put down the 07-08 dates under other secondary schools (there is no 'previous secondary school' section), then explain the situation in additional info so that the college admissions people won't be confused.</p>