Secondary school report (when applying online)

<p>I'm applying online and I printed off the secondary school report from the application form 1 supplemental section. </p>

<p>The secondary school report I downloaded was 2 pages long. I gave it to my guidance office and they filled it out and sent it. However, I looked at the full application (not online) and it is 4 pages long. I caught this very late, and I was wondering if I would get owned if the secondary school report is sent in late, especially since the one I downloaded off of their online application was too short? Since it wasn't my fault I printed 2 pages instead of 4? Please respond as soon as possible.</p>

<p>I don't think the secondary school report is very important. My school throws away all of the secondary reports we hand in and makes its own that's more comprehensive. I mean, it's obviously important information, but I'm sure in any case you won't be penalized.</p>

<p>What's the difference between the online version and the hard copy version? Is your school familiar with the Penn app? (Do they regularly send kids to Penn?)</p>

<p>dude your right...i checked out the secondary school report they have in part1 of the apps..and its only the first two pages. i'm sure a lot of other kids msut've ****ed up on this point too ...i had requested hard copy and so i gave my counselor the full hardcopy of the secondarys chool report while doing the rest of it online so im clean...but you should DEFINITELY call up penn i'm thinking and be like how come secondary school report is so short--only 2 pages? dont need counselor letter? and they'll be like what..its 4 pages...and u be like NO ITS NOT. and then they'll probably work something out since it's their fault.</p>

<p>get that **** taken care of ASAP bro!</p>

<p>btw: download the FULL app packet from, it includes all 4 pages. you'll notice since the way its structured when they print it to you, the secondary school report is split...the last 2 pages start from page 25..theres a gap in between...that's because when you take out the staples of the hardcopy apps, then the pages are CONNECTED, so u have the whole secondary school report togehter, if that makes sense. the person who scanned the secondary school report must've only seen the first two pages and not seen the other ones, and thus only put the first two on the website.</p>