secret greek life?

<p>First of all, I really like Colby so I'm not trying to slam it, however I ran across a rather interesting student review in one of the college search sites. I'm just really intrigued. When reviewing the nightlife at Colby, this student referred to secret fraternities and sororities that operate independently below the radar of the administration. If they do exist, they are certainly not sanctioned by any national organization, but are more likely cliques that have formed for social/party purposes. Does anyone have any more info about secret societies at Colby, or is this a figment of one student's imagination?</p>

<p>Hi, bopambo – thank you for your question. Our close-knit Colby community welcomes the opportunity to foster open dialogue around issues of concern on our campus and beyond. </p>

<p>The Board of Trustees of Colby voted in January 1984 to abolish fraternities and sororities because they were inconsistent with so many of the fundamental values to which the community subscribes. As mandated by the trustees, rushing, pledging, perpetuating, and initiating activities by fraternities and social organizations are strictly prohibited. Anyone engaging in these activities on or off campus, either as a member, recruiter, or potential pledge, will be suspended for a minimum of one year and may be subject to additional penalties that could include expulsion.</p>

<p>There is a robust and varied lineup of social events and activities taking place on campus throughout the year - check out the Events section of our website to learn more: Colby</a> | Events.</p>

<p>This might be one question Colby Admissions wouldn't be qualified to answer, LOL. I do see that I'm not likely to get a candid answer from a current student, so I'll just assume the answer is no. Thanks.</p>