Section Attendance

<p>So I'm in a big class for freshmen (I'm a junior), and it's a breadth for me. I'm p/np-ing it, but I've missed 3-4 section meetings for various reasons. The GSI's syllabus (not prof's) says that 3 absences constitute a failure in the course. Does this mean I'll actually fail?? I've gotten A's and B's on all turned in work and exams, and the GSI hasn't talked to me or anything. I've been in classes before that stressed attendance, didn't go a few times, and did ok. Anyone have any insight? I realize that the syllabus is important, but I've never heard of someone failing because of attendance.</p>

<p>That depends on if they actually take attendance. If it's in the syllabus they have the ability to fail you for the absences. Sometimes it's not just a matter of getting good grades. I know some professors/GSI's think that when you take a seat in that class other people lose seats. If you aren't going to dedicate yourself and learn from their lectures and discussions then what the hell are you doing in their class to begin with? Most prof's/GSI's here don't take it that seriously but I do have one who if we miss 2 classes we drop a letter grade and a additional letter grade for each following absence and he takes it hella seriously.</p>

<p>If you are really worried I'd ask your GSI to tell you how many times you've been absent. In all honesty though, odds are they probably haven't kept track or don't care.</p>