<p>Are they mandatory? I was told during orientation that they were in order for you to enroll into a class, however I haven't tried enrolling into a class without a section to find out if this is true or not - it's sort of odd to keep that "None" option if it were mandatory.</p>

<p>Also is attendance to sections mandatory as well?</p>

<p>Some classes require sections, while some are optional. When you enroll for a class and the section part comes up, if theres no times and locations and it says discussion(optional) then theres no section for that class. Whether sections are mandatory depends on your professor. I had a math class where sections on Thursday were mandatory because of a quiz. My chem sections, on the other hand, were optional but super helpful to go to. I suggest that you go to section, unless your TA isn't helpful whatsoever.</p>