Securing my spot

<p>I have been accepted to UW-Madison, but I have not yet decided if I will be attending next year. Some people have told me that I should secure my spot just in case..but I am not sure exactly what that means. I do know that if I submit a housing deposit, it is refundable until May 1st. Is that all they were talking about? And in the "MyUW" site, where there is the option of accepting/declining offer of admission, what is the penalty if I accept, but then decide not to attend next fall? Thank you in advance for your help!</p>

<p>When you accept your offer on the Student Center @MyUW, you have to pay $100 to secure your spot. I believe the terms say something like you are agreeing to turn down other schools you may have applied to, and the $100 is non-refundable.</p>