Seeking Advice: Including My Instagram in Boarding School Application?

Hello everyone,

I’m currently working on my candidate profile for boarding schools, and I have a question on the Multimedia Information section of the application. I’m wondering if it’s a good idea to include my Instagram page.

I post daily videos of my violin practice sessions (Its a practice journal kinda), and I’ve also uploaded studio recordings and recordings from recitals at concert halls like Carnegie Hall and Boston Symphony Hall, along with performances from other concert halls around the world.

I’d appreciate your thoughts on whether it’s appropriate and allowed to include my Instagram link in the multimedia section of my application.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I look forward to your responses!

You can up load and share any medium that you feel showcases you. If you feel like it speaks well to your strengths vs cutting a highlights reel then share it. If there is anything that would give anyone pause don’t - remember once they have the link, the admissions team can view the site at anytime. Do you want a more controlled showcase or does this do a better job highlighting who you are? Consider the risk/reward.


Well, if you are disciplined enough to post only that sort of content, it won’t hurt you.

A lot of people (not just kids) aren’t so disciplined.

You’d also have to worry about people tagging you in their content. Be careful who you give access to. Also, they will be able to see who you follow.

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I only post stuff related to music, I only posted 2-3 things that were related to something else (Swimming) but I deleted my swimming posts when I quit and started taking music as my priority.

I am a parent…and an old fuddy duddy. But I would not suggest linking any social media in your application.


I’m not quite sure about the content I got tagged in. They were all my friends and just hang outs and stuff. Is that fine?


If your BS allows…and you want to send a video of your violin playing (because you think it enhances your application), make a separate video…


I already have several studio recorded videos on YT and stuff. I was just wondering if putting a social media thing was a good idea. (Violin is my main ec since I’ve won several competitions and traveled to other countrys for music competitions.) Thanks for your response!

I’ll agree with @thumper1: I would not give your Instagram account in the applications. Several of the BSs have a place where you can upload videos etc. I would pick some of your very best to whet their appetite and be done with it.

Also, if you’ve made contact with folks involved in music at the schools you are applying to, you can ask them if they would be interested in seeing more.

I honestly can’t see admissions officers spending too much time in searching your social media account(s). Rather, take the initiative and pick your very best performances.


Agree with not sharing IG in applications.
Bigger question though – isn’t your IG private anyway? At your age, I would think you’d want to keep your account private, no?


I would suggest narrowing down your submitted performances to one, maybe two videos, that you post via youtube link. It is just a much easier viewing experience. If you are regularly entering music competitions you likely already have recordings that you use for submission.

If you are going to make music a highlighted part of your application I would also recommend submitting a video directly to whoever is in charge of the orchestra at all schools you are applying to. That isn’t necessarily the chair of the music department. I would also contact that person prior to your visit/interview day so you can meet on campus. They are usually thrilled to give people a tour of the music facilities and most candidates don’t take this step. It puts a face to the name when the video submission is eventually sent over to the music director for feedback.


I would say no to IG, not because it’s IG but because you want to be sure that anyone who is moving quickly through your application sees the best you have to offer. If you have “best of” clips, you want to be sure they see that and not get caught up in “good but not greatest”.

And I second the advice to send this to the head of the music program, preferably with some questions (not answered on the website) about lessons at school, performance groups/opportunities, etc. showing how you plan to develop this interest at school and use it to contribute to the community.


I was already planning to send in recordings from my concerts. Thank you for your advice!

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I have a personal account which is private (Only for family and friends) and than I have a music account which is public for anyone to see. For music most kids my age or even younger (5-7 year olds) have a instagram account that they post daily for practicing purposes. Thank you for your advice.

I was already planning on submitting a YT video and was just wondering whether adding my IG was a good idea. My IG is kinda like my Art Portfolio but for music and stuff. I already contacted the heads of the music department and plan on getting a tour of the music departments. Thank you for your advice.

Thank you for your advice!

Free advice…many applicants to special programs (I don’t know about boarding schools) actually suspend their social media accounts during the whole application process. It’s too easy for folks to do a name search and find your accounts…and perhaps see content you wouldn’t exactly want them to see. My own kid did this several times. Just suspended their accounts until they actually started their new programs. Even then, they have their privacy settings well locked down. Fact is…most folks who aren’t in their circle of friends wouldn’t even be able to see most of the content on their social media.

I assure you that I don’t have any content that I wouldn’t want anyone to see. All my content on my socials are only music based. All my follows are strictly music based and all my things online are music based. Even if you search up my name the first thing that shows up are music competitions or music programs I was in. Hope you understand theres nothing weird or anything I wouldn’t want to show anyone.