Seeking colleges with supports for Aspie Daughter currently in her Junior year in High School

Hello All,
Our Aspie daughter will be attending college in the Fall of 2021. She is currently a 4.0 student and did well on her SAT with a score of 1440. She is suddenly getting mail from all kinds of colleges from all over the nation. She has good work ethic and works almost too hard in my opinion; as she is a hyper-focuses on homework and usually over does assignments.

She is socially awkward, naive and somewhat disorganized and attends a small high school in Alaska with about 90 kids in her class so she is accustomed to a small school. There are no colleges in Alaska that have support programs so we have been researching programs all over the nation.

She is interested in autism studies (the main reason we are looking at St Josephs is they offer a BA in autism studies), neuroscience, genetics and any kind of research. She likes theater and music for fun. She dislikes competition and is a people pleaser. The only physical activity she really enjoys is swimming as she also has a genetic condition called EDS that makes her knees dislocate with the slightest wrong move. However, she always keeps a good attitude about it.

She has a difficult time making friends and/or socializing which is why she does not have a single true friend but lots of acquaintances who seem to like her or will seek her out for help on school work. I worry about her being alone far away from home and at the same time I worry that she won’t be able to be alone to decompress after a busy day with most of the accommodations I have looked at being shared single rooms. Anyway, some of the colleges we are looking at are:

George Mason University Fairfax, Virginia
Drexel University West Philadelphia, PA
Eastern University Saint Davids, PA
St. Joseph’s University Philadelphia, PA
Fairleigh Dickinson University Madison, NJ
Rutgers University New Brunswick, NJ
The above seem to far away (22 hour travel time from home to get there).

The following are interesting and we have family in Nashville, Tennessee.
University of Alabama Tuscaloosa, AL
Western Kentucky University Bowling Green, KY
University of Tennessee Chattanooga Chattanooga, Tennessee
Vanderbilt University Nashville, Tennessee

The following would be closer to home and easiest to get too with Alaska Airlines but still about 15 hours travel time.

Utah State University Logan, Utah
University of Idaho Moscow, ID
University of Arizona Tuscon, AZ

Also, just heard of Bellevue College in Washington; but doesn’t look like they have many BA programs.

Does anyone have any experience with the above programs, merit scholarships, successes, mistakes or failures? Good, Bad or Ugly?

Thank you!!!

We know of an autistic kid who had tremendous success at Santa Clara University. I have no idea what kind of supports or accommodations he received, but he really thrived and even ended up speaking at his graduation a few years ago.–events/stories/gus-hardy-16-intentional-valedictorian-.html

@CaliMex ,
Wow, Gus reminds me of our daughter so much! We are also Catholic and I love that she like Gus s not afraid to ask questions, push the boundries and is able to articulate their questions and thoughts in a logical manner. Thank you so much for sharing this with us! Best Regards!!!

That list is a great starting point. I’ve created an extensive autism-friendly college list at

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