Seeking feedback regarding my chances of successfully transferring

<p>Basic Academic Information:
4.0 GPA in High School
2200 SAT M + CR + W (680 + 740 + 780)
3.8 GPA in College</p>

<p>Extracurricular Activities:
President of Chess Club (2 years)
Mock Trial Team (2 years)
Table Tennis Club (3 years)
Model United Nations (1 year)
German-American Partnership Program (1 year)
History Club (2 years)</p>

Junior Statesmen Best Speaker
German Language School Award
Mathematics School Award
Academic Achievement/Community Service School Award
National History Day Regional Contest Winner
Mock Trial Best Advocate
MUN Distinguished Delegate Award</p>

[I skipped one year and entered high school early, which prevented me from retaining the opportunity to accelerate based on the stipulations of the NYS Regents Board]
9th Grade
Honors English
Honors Earth Science
Honors Algebra
World History
Studio Art</p>

<p>10th Grade
Honors World Literature
Honors World Art History
Honors Geometry
Honors Biology
Computer Science</p>

<p>[I was accepted to college 2 years early]
1st Year of College
Literary Analysis (2 courses)
Intermediate German (2 courses)
Postwar German Literature
Philosophy of Religion
United States History (2 courses) [No European History was offered]</p>

<p>2nd Year of College (1st Semester)
Literary Analysis
Advanced German
19th Century Russian Literature</p>

<p>Work Experience:
IT and book shelving assistant at a public library
Residential Assistant</p>

<p>Other Details:
I can speak three languages other than English (Polish, German, and Russian)
My intended major is Eastern European History</p>

<p>Applying to:
Yale, Cornell, Johns-Hopkins, Brown, Northwestern, Carnegie Mellon, NYU, UCLA, UC Berkeley, and perhaps a few others (I'm open to suggestions).</p>

<p>Also, my High School Class Rank as of 10th Grade was 5/850.</p>