Seeking honest "chance" from K students/parents

<p>Kalamazoo is my first choice but I unfortunately discovered it fairly late in the college process, after its ED and EA deadlines. I'm very worried about my chance of admission. Can I please have honest evaluations from current students/graduates/parents of either category?</p>

<p>9th (public school)
Honors Ancient History: B+
Honors English 9: B
Spanish 2: A
Algebra 1: A-
Fashion Design: B</p>

<p>10th (public school)
Honors Civics/Honors Modern World History: B+/B
Honors English 10: A-
Honors Geometry: C-
Honors Spanish 3: B
Honors Biology: B+</p>

<p>11th (private school)
Honors English: C+
U.S History: C-
Spanish 2: B
Algebra 2: C-
Theater: A
Concert Choir: A
Chemistry: C</p>

<p>12th (private school)
Spanish 3: A-
Pre-Calculus: A-
Art History/International Relations: B+/__
Marine Biology: B+
Advanced Theater: A
Nature Writing & Environmental Literature/Modern Greek Literature: C/___</p>

<p>SAT I- CR: 720, M: 530, W: 680 </p>

Jewish & half North-African
Attended public school for 9th & 10th, top private for 11th & 12th
Anxiety, depression and insomnia untreated through medication and therapy until last summer, still a struggle (unmentioned in application)
Divorced parents
Primary residence, low-income
Immigrant father</p>

Lead role, student-written & directed play (11), Supporting role, musical (11), Lead role, stage version of classic radio play (11)
Isadora Duncan dance group (11, 12)
Founder & lead singer of girls rock band (12)
Vocalist, school-run blues rock band (12)
Adult ballet classes (9, 11)
Unpaid intern, local television production company (9)</p>

1st place, school-wide Shakespeare monologue competition, competed in regional round (11)
Honorable Mention in national, university-run poetry contest (11)</p>

Founder, feminist forum (12)
Weekly volunteer tutor, mostly Spanish-speaking recent immigrants (12)
Attend a weekly outside class on Arab-Israel conflict from a Jewish perspective (12)
Founder & president of environmental club (9, 10)
Unpaid intern, city department of waste & recycling (10)
Weekly volunteer with autistic children ages 4-18 (10)</p>

<p>I don't normally participate in chance threads, but here I go. I think you have a chance. A reasonably good one, in my opinion, but I'm not an expert. For more data to help you decide how good a chance you have, perhaps you could ask your guidance counselor about the statistics of other kids from your school who have been admitted. Schools that have Naviance make these statistics available online. If yours doesn't, the school may keep the data in their own files. Whatever your chances, if Kalamazoo is your first choice you should apply.</p>

<p>Thanks for your reply! I actually have better grades this semester than I predicted... An "A-" in Art History and a "B" in Nature Writing.</p>