Seeking my chances - from NY

<p>Thank you for reading. Looking for any feedback on my chances to attend my #1 School Texas A&M and join the Corps of Cadets. Stats are:
HS Senior - 17 yrs old - Male
SAT M 640, CR 550 (Just took again in Nov. awaiting results)
Large Upstate NY highly competitive school at 27%ile class rank (weighted)
GPA unweighted 3.7
Many honors classes
Varsity letter athletics Alpine skiing (captain), Crew
Robotics Team, captain
Community service at local soup kitchen
Civil Air Patrol 4 years- officer rank
Over 300 hrs community service
Student pilot - taking oral and final before Christmas
Work - Own landscaping/snowplow business
Application sent in early September 2011 and all documentation is complete, verified with phone call.</p>

<p>I understand I fall short of the 25%/1300 auto admits, and looking for any feedback. I did visit A&M with my father in September and it was a remarkable time. The staff, students, campus, programs and Corps of Cadets are exactly what I was looking for. It was more than worth the 4 day trip to visit and would do it again. Thank you in anticipation of your replies...GIG'EM!!</p>