Seeking my dream college....

<p>Hi, I posted this on the college search post too, but I thought you parents might have some good insights too. The thread deals with finding my dream school and I was wondering if you could find any matches for me. Here is a link to my post, thanks!</p>

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<p>Seems like you would do well at any of the Boston area schools that are "green" - don't know how selective you're seeking: Boston College, Bentley (you have to go into the city for your shopping etc.), Wellesley - not coed, but the students are very tapped into the Boston/Cambridge cultural/shopping/social scene and there is a cute village.<br>
Johns Hopkins in Balto. has a compact and beautiful green campus with a trendy restaurant/cafe area bordering it.</p>

<p>Trinity in Hartford. Villanova in Pennsylvania. Georgetown, American U. in Washington, DC or UMd in College Park.</p>

<p>Boston College and Georgetown definitely fit your criteria list! You didn't say how you have done academically, so it is hard to give you a "match".</p>