Seeking Recommendations for an Online AP European History Course

Son is enrolling in an online AP Euro class for fall as it is not offered at his school. Seeking any feedback and provider recommendations from anyone that has taken the course with an online, single course program. Prefer a asynchronous or synchronous lecture component. He is not eligible for PA homeschool as he is enrolled in a public school in MI. University of Missouri, One Schoolhouse and HSLDA are under consideration but open to more providers. Thank you.


serious question, not snark.

We do not have any familiarity with the online schools we have found that offer the course and are seeking input from people that may haven taken AP classes with them. It has also been difficult to find online providers that offer AP Euro and are wondering if there are other schools we should consider.

I think the question is “why does he want to take AP European History?” If it’s not offered at your school there is no expectation by colleges that he would take it. Are there other courses in his school that he could take instead? If he has a strong history in European history there may be other ways to further his education without searching for a specific online AP course.


Try Our school uses that for online classes and we used it as individuals.

CTY offers AP World History… I don’t know anyone who has taken that specific course, but my kids did CTY (in person) for years and the classes were consistently outstanding, and I know many kids who have taken some of the other online classes and all rated them top notch.

The question was indeed ‘why do you want your student to do an online AP class when they are already enrolled in a school’. If it is b/c you think it will help w/ US college admissions, it won’t. If it is b/c you need another History AP to apply to a UK uni, you can self study lots of ways & then just register w/ your current school or another local school, w/o taking a class called “AP Euro”. If it’s b/c of a genuine interest in Euro history, any course option will work- DE /local CC / etc

When you categorically say an online class does not help with college admissions, where are you finding this information? A lot of school districts have online options these days …

Several years ago my daughter took online AP European History through Northwestern University’s Center for Talent Development. I believe she enjoyed it. They had quite a few courses at the time.

I think the question is…why does this student NEED an online AP course that his school doesn’t offer either in person or online? Adcoms will view this students application in the context of what the school offers. If this course isn’t offered, there won’t be an expectation that the student take it…anywhere else.

NOW…if this student is genuinely interested in Modern European History, that’s a whole other story.

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Ok. My reasoning was it will still demonstrate that the student can handle a higher course load and rigor. Therefore it should help college admissions. Understand it is probably not fair.

What APs are offered at the school, and which ones have been taken or will be taken? Asking to get some context to help answer will it be helpful or not .

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Here is another option/place to enroll for the course:

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Thank you to everyone who gave us some additional resources to consider for an online class. Very helpful and we would welcome more input on people’s experiences if they have them.

As to the question “Why European History?” “Why does it have to be an AP?”

He is a future history major or minor in college, has a high degree of interest in the subject and that class, likes to learn, and wants to take a 4th year of history. He has taken 3 AP history classes at his school and has no other history classes available to take. He could take a class at the local community college but needs two open class hours in his senior schedule to do so and does not have it. Even if he did, it makes more sense to take AP Euro online than a CC course as he has a better chance of the credits counting towards his college degree than the CC class depending upon where he attends college. The more credits he can get towards his future degree might also make it easier to double major in History & Poly Sci which he might want to do. Will it help him get in to college? It certainly can’t hurt since it’s his intended major and the rigor of his rural high school is not on par with most city and suburban schools. However, the main reason is he wants to take it and is lucky we are in a position to be able to pay for the class.

Unfortunately, Northwestern and CTY (John’s Hopkins) do not offer AP Euro currently. They do offer some other AP courses.

I saw another thread where was mentioned but couldn’t get that web address to load. Is there a different website/name for that program?

Sorry it’s

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super easy to double major in those 2 subjects in most colleges

That mostly matters at public universities, where - if you have enough credits- you can shorten the length of the degree by a semester or more. For most selective colleges the only advantage is being able to start at a higher level (vs shortening the length of the course).

No, because colleges will evaluate your student in the context of the school they attend, not other schools.

then taking an actual history class- in person or online- will be better than doing an online AP course.

That’s too bad on the course not being offered currently. Our experience was similar for my daughter as she, too, had an interest in it as she wanted (and did) major in history and did get her undergrad in it. From a pretty early age she thought she would specialize in European history with hopes of being a professor one day. She changed trajectories later in her undergrad career and ended up going into law school instead, but European history (particularly modern history) was where she had most interest and was one of the main factors for her wanting to take the course at Northwestern. And she had taken all the history courses that were offered at her high school.

Another virtual school just came to mind that might offer it - I believe it’s Florida’s virtual school. I can’t remember the formal name, but it should be easy to find via Google.

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He will most likely be attending a state university. With the current state of college admissions, his admittance to a more selective school of his choice is going to be hard due to the fact that some of the private schools he is interested in out-of-state historically only admit one senior annually that applies from his high school. This year, most of those admits were also committed to playing sports at those schools. So, colleges can evaluate him based on the context of what his school offers academically and his application, but if colleges are only taking one kid from his HS, the college athlete seems to be the winner.

However, setting himself apart from his application peers is not his motivation for taking another history class - interest in the subject is. And earning college credit or being able to skip some entry level college courses to take more advanced courses while there is a plus. Especially if he chooses a double major or extra minor and it becomes easier to attain without taking on a higher than normal academic load or could graduate early.
That is way more than information than I probably need to share but explains his situation more fully to you.

I am curious why you think a different history class than Euro would be better and if you know of some options we should consider? We are really on our own here trying to find him a class to take next year. School counselor does not have any resources for us.

Unfortunately, there are no other history classes locally he can take in person. The only online options through the state and free to enroll through his school is Western Civ and Native American studies and is completely self paced with no true instructor interaction. He would prefer instructor interaction/lectures/weekly google meets which some of these AP Euro courses offer.

Thanks for your input.